Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spammed by the Lefties...

Received this anti-Conservative spam in my personal, non-blog connected e-mail. I'll just give a sample, as it is too long for posting:



According to an Ipsos Reid survey for Global TV, Trade Minister David Emerson has the backing of only 28 percent of BritishColumbians for his decision to defect to the Conservatives, while 60 percent reject his decision to switch to the Liberals. On a Vancouverradio program, Mr. Emerson dismissed his critics as "partisan zealots" and stated that he would not resign. He acknowledged that he had giventhought to the idea, and said he was a "little over the top" during the campaign when he called the Harper Tories heartless and intolerant. TheMinister said he would consider voting for, and would abide by, a law that forced defectors to resign and run in byelections, but said it isunfair to single him out when no such requirement was imposed on past defectors. He told reporters that if federal ethics commissionerBernard Shapiro finds him guilty of any wrongdoing, he will leave. (P. O'Neil, CanWest: NP A6 and WFP A8, W Star C1, CH A4, VC A5,EJ A6, KWS 12, Ctz A5, Gaz A12, RLP A4, VSun A5, SSP D9; R. Mickleburgh: G&M A6 ; L.Whittington/B. Campion-Smith: TStar A10; S.Mertl, CP: KWS 9; S. Rubec: TSun 12 and CSun 18, OSun 14, ESun; CTV NN 22:00, CTV 23:00).
- NDP MP Peter Stoffer vowed to introduce a bill that would forbid MPs from crossing the floor without running in a byelection (S.Rubec: TSun 12 and CSun 18, OSun 14, ESun 24).
- Former prime minister Kim Campbell described Mr. Emerson as a "great British Columbian (who has done this) on principle (R. Mickleburgh:G&M A6; I. Bailey: VProv A12).
- Minister Emerson dismissed a media report that alleged that he had killed a potential pre-election deal to resolve the softwoodlumber dispute for political reasons. Mr. Emerson explained that he opposed the deal for economic reasons, and had the backing of theB.C. government and industry leaders as the deal would have been destructive for British Columbians (P. O'Neil, CanWest: VSun A5 and VTCA5, WStar C1).
- Mr. Emerson maintained that former prime minister Paul Martin encouraged him, quite forcefully, to run in the last election, when he wasopting not to, and said he was loyal to him to the end, and then he left (L.Whittington/B. Campion-Smith: TStar A10).
Minister Emerson: "If Parliament wants to pass legislation and to set in place a policy on byelections when you cross the floor or recalllegislation, fine. I'll participate in that debate and I may even vote for it, and I will certainly abide by it" (VProv A16 and RLP B7).
- NDP Leader Jack Layton would not say whether he will demand Conservative support for Mr. Stoffer's private member's bill, inexchange for NDP votes on the Conservatives' Federal Accountability Act. NDP MP Peter Julian has filed a request with the ethicscommissioner to investigate whether Mr. Emerson was furthering his private interest by defecting to the Liberals. Mr. Emerson was offendedby NDP candidate Ian Waddell's comparison of his situation to the Gurmant Grewal tape affair (S. Mertl, CP: KWS 9).
Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said in an interview on Monday, said he does not understand the controversy about his past careeras a defence-industry lobbyist. He affirmed that there is no conflict of interest in his appointment, despite the fact that it will require himto oversee the awarding of defence contracts that will be vied for by companies he formerly represented. Mr. O'Connor said: "Iunderstand that some people could have apprehension. But as I have said a number of times, I do not own any shares, I do not get any moneyfrom these people." The report noted that Mr. O'Connor has yet to fill out the required declarations all Cabinet ministers must complete. Aspokesperson for Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro said Mr. O'Connor has 60 days to declare all his assets, and then another 60 tocomply with any requests (M. Blanchfield: NP A6 and Ctz A3, Gaz A12, SSP D9, EJ A6).
B.C. Conservative MPs have urged the Prime Minister to consider being in Italy on February 26th for the closing ceremonies of theOlympic Games. The gold medal men's hockey game is being held on the same day, and the Canadian team is favoured to win a medal. Asenior Conservative said some party members are encouraging Mr. Harper to go: "the B.C. guys, who get the games in 2010, think it would begood" (A. Woods: Ctz A3 and CHA6, VProv A8, EJ A6, VSun A5, NP A2).
Quebec Premier Jean Charest will meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week in Ottawa to discuss child care and other issues.Mr. Harper has offered to negotiate a transition period before he cuts off federal funding for the deal Quebec signed with the Liberalgovernment. Premier Charest noted there is time to work out a reasonable and good solution with the new PM (Gaz A8 and SSP B8).
CPC MP Deepak Obrai, parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, said the federal government will work toward signing aNAFTA-style free trade deal with India. He suggested Canada should "grab the opportunity to get into this growing market now, and said theTory caucus supports such a deal (A. Mills: TStar A8).
New Brunswick NDP MP Yvon Godin said he is prepared to support the Conservative plan to roll back recent income tax cuts....and on and on...

Isn't the election campaign over? (or is a new one starting...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got one too:

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Harper is scary!
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1:15 PM  
Blogger glenda said...

This isn't spam. It's from a collection of top news headlines sent out to conservative supporters. I know the guy whose email you've pasted at the top of your post. Believe me he is not a liberal spammer. Really good guy in fact.

8:21 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

I don't know, the way they had certain words and phrases bolded (you can't see the bold on my post) it looks very anti-Conservative...maybe yer right, though, and it's just the usual MEDIA anti-Conservative-ness!
I'll take his email address off the post, in case yer right...otherwise he'll really find out the meaning of spam!

10:12 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

Yeah, looks like you were right. Thanks Glenda. The email appeared like some kinda giant Liberal attack ad. Pretty sad that it was just actual media stories!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Shane Mattison said...

I wanted to write and ask, in spite of the media and public 'firestorm' over the Emerson appointment, to
ask that Canadians please try to see the big picture.

We have a new prime minister who made his cabinet decisions based upon his belief in merit. I could complain that 'ole loyal Alberta' should have received more,but that is not my duty, but rather instead to welcome the rest of Canada on a needed ovement towards redressing the sheer Tammany Hall corruption that put our society on a dangerous footing. When things get that corrupt, and contempt towards the people's power of the purse so widespread, is there any alternative except to take Mr Harper at his word when he admires these two businessmen as capable of making important contributions to our public
polity? Are we so averse to having a truly multiparty system that our media and opinion makers cannot allow a new government to prove itself? Perhaps it was a quick and hastily shared moment, sending the jitters into a quarter of the electorate.
But who can deny that such a reaction was fed by professional opinion makers who are bent upon the very destruction of the new government?

I am amazed, as a history teacher, at the lack of historical
perspective, in misunderstanding of the British parliamentary system, which we were fortunate to inherit. Even in American constitutional thinking, parties are not the 'be-all
end-all' of responsible representation, but channels against the dangers of polarized factualism. Studying Edmond Burke, in our own system, we are confronted with the reality that we elect a Member of
Parliament not to be a mere 'party robot', but to exercise wisdom
when the country is in emergency.

And make no mistake, Canada is swiftly coming to emergency, both abroad and at home. Winston Churchill was always sensible to this larger picture. He also knew that often what the country needs and is deprived of is an 'enlightened centrism', which is what he
embodied his whole career. So did FDR in America. We should applaud Stephen Harper in getting it right. Mr merson legitimately has had a liberal heart and a conservative head. Is that a crime? Again, Churchill crossed the floor twice. What if we find ourselves in the midst of a world war and we've passed some mistaken law that our members of parliament can never switch parties? They were elected to use their minds and their wisdom on behalf of the country. Since when is my vote for one particular party 'God?' If one votes only for party, then you are prepared to vote for McCarthy types,
solely on the basis that he or she represents 'the Party.' And that is a fundamental misunderstanding of Parliament! So, dear Canadians, forgive them and forget about it. Drop the righteousness - its unbecoming.
This tar and feathering of a highly, highly accomplished man has got to quit if we are to retain self respect as a nation. I ask the too often Liberal-devout and Eastern-favored media imams to cool their fatwas. Prime Minister Harper should be allowed to grow with his job.
And Canadians everywhere better start asking "not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country!"

(stanford '81)

1:23 AM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

I say amen to that...

11:04 AM  

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