Thursday, May 19, 2005

NEWS ofthe WEEK Retraction

A NEWS ofthe WEEK report based on an anonymous source had alleged that Prime Minister Paul Martin desecrated the Conservative platform book at Parliament hill.

This report sparked massive Canadian riots, in which 100 people had their feelings hurt, 16 seriously.

NEWS ofthe WEEK's editor, alsocanadian, apologized to the victims on Tuesday and said the blog inaccurately reported that Canadian military investigators had confirmed that Paul Martin at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa had flushed the Conservative holy book down the toilet.

"The story was based on a single anonymous source who could not personally substantiate the allegation that was made." Said the editor.

"The report has had serious consequences," he said. "People have had their feelings hurt. The image of Canada abroad has been damaged. We therefore retract the story".


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16 seriousely! LOL!

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