Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Liberal Violates Ethics Rules

Integrity Commissioner Coulter Osborne reprimanded Harinder Takhar for allowing the chief financial officer of his political riding association to be the arm's length trustee of his business affairs. That cozy relationship violates section 11 of the act, which sets out rules to prevent conflicts of interests by MPPs. Takhar also offered evidence to the ethics commissioner, mysterious marital minutes, of which the commissioner was "skeptical to the legitimacy."

Dalton McGuinty called it "a lapse in judgment," saying Takhar doesn't deserve to be punished beyond the reprimand issued by the commissioner.

Compare that to what Dalton said in June: McGuinty cited the examples of former Conservative cabinet ministers Bob Runciman, Jim Wilson and Chris Stockwell as instances where it was appropriate for each of them to leave cabinet. " In each of those cases, it was very clear that a rule had been broken," he said.

Liberals just don't get it. This culture of entitlement goes all the way to the bone!


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