Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Evidence of Liberal Theft?

I don't know, is stealing from an election platform really stealing?

"Recruitment for the new unit comes on the heels of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's election promise that his government will create a 650-strong airborne battalion"

Oh, wait a sec. It also says:

"Military officials said the creation of the special operations regiment is based on the Liberal government's defence policy statement from last year. That called for an expansion of the country's special forces and is separate from any Conservative proposals, they said."

Yeah, right, my mistake. The Liberals were planning this new airborne for a year now. After all, they would never lie. I guess the timing of this announcement is just coincidental...

Or maybe he was just obeying his twin:

"the Bush administration, which has been advocating such an expansion...U.S.
ambassador Paul Cellucci recommended the Canadian Forces develop what is known as a Tier 2 special forces"


Blogger Paul MacPhail said...

I guess Bush & Mr. Celluci weren't aware that here in Canada we can't have anything with "tier" and "two" in the same sentence. Better rename it, or we'll have Paul Martin saying that he's the defender of Canada's reg forces and that the Conservatives just want to tear the army apart!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

As an avid watcher of matters military and a confirmed CPC member I can categorically state that the CF and General Hillier have been working on standing up the CSOR unit referred to in the article for some time now. Rumours have floated for a number of months and in November and December announcements were made concerning personnel assignments.

An info video concerning the new unit, its roles, structure, and requirements for personnel was released on the Army website on 13 Dec.

I will be voting Conservative, and I think I like the thrust of what I think I understand of the CPC defence policy however there is much that is unclear. While that may be beneficial to a political campaign it is not, perhaps, as welcome as it might be to those in the CF where clarity is a virtue.

According to Gen'l O'Connor he sees his Airborne Battalion as a separate issue to CSOR.

It would certainly be nice if a comprehensive defence policy that nails all of the individual planks together into a platform could be released prior to Jan. 23.

As in the case of Quebec, so in dealing with the CF and security. Clarity counts.


1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Word just came down from on high during an election campaign in which Paul Martins opponent announces returning the airborne to Pet. I was born, but I wasent borne yesterday!

And whats so unclear about what Harper siad? "Ill bring back the airborne" Hoooowwaaaaaa!!!!!

airborne trooper

4:04 PM  

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