Friday, February 10, 2006

Media Bias?

Check out the research "Tori"did comparing the headlines from Belinda's betrayal to the Emerson Affair. (In the comments at Mr. Coyne's dead horse beating emporium!)

From the Star (may 17-24 2005)
get set for long US style election
stronach hit the big time
crossing floor has its own history
no room in party for red tories
stronach can see her next step
did stronach do the right thing in joining liberals?(two sides)
jumping ship (it's not all that diff in the corporate world)
the man who saved the govt (tim murphy)
after the drama, it's time for work
"dump harper" bid on the rise
harper halted
martin a fighter for his principles
love is blond
more innings to come in this game
parliment cant stand more of this
victory dance come too soon (martin must avoid gloating)
election averted
stonach makes halting entrance
will she guide us to deliverance or to the devil?
behaind the scenes, tories feel betrayed
break with party breaks a heart?
defection kickstarts dollar
dipstick jibe galls liberals
dry as dust politics not for her
harper scolding final straw
her riding is split in two
pm proving a master of the quick fix
red tories find new home with liberals
stronach shocker-improves chances of liberals winning vote
will harper recover?

feb 6 2006
tories say emerson should quit
pm obsessed with majority
tories singing new tune on floor crossers
did emerson block deal?
new pm makes us miss mulroney
outrage grows over defection
unease clouds new beginning
harper's cab ready to take care of biz
mr clean has left us flummoxed
wary tories welcome pair
harper shows a tough streak
some cynicism
harper forgets why he won
shock and awe, tory style
liberal defection raises controversy
top liberal defects to tories

From the Globe and Mail

may 17-24 2005:
fallout from ms stronach's leap (how harper can't keep his own)
stronach shocker
will harper survive?
what drove belinda out
advice from a floor crosser
even for liberals, gutsy a bit too much
tories downplay impact of defection
martin's white knight
stronach a traitor, westerners say
how it happened
mackay terribly hurt
stronach not particularily partisan
was it a good move?
revealing language
belinda's full 48 hours
friend or foe? both
stronach's competition credo
naked ambition may be taboo for women, but guts count
harper drove stronach from tories
plot thickens as critical vote looms
defection reinforces public's views
harper's gamble turns up snake eyes
martin breathes sigh of relief
martin calls for co-op spirit in house
the better way
well, the liberals survived
the govt survives by luck more than merit
stephen, belinda crossing and paranoia
lessons learned from belinda's flip
at what price this victory?
embattled belinda
harper may be real winner
sport benefits from stronach defection
who you calling sexist, buster?
the mask slips on the crop of prairie preachers
the lady in red
material girl latest to do capital dance
stronach campaigns with liberal in labrador
mr harper's secret (ignorance)
no more mr dithers
the art of betrayal

feb 6 2006 present:

that man emerson
switching teams: no big deal in biz, politics different
mr harper, i'd make a good minister
the risky calculations SH makes
dissident toried demand emerson resign
softwood a top priority emerson says
emerson rejects call for resignation
the curse of the conservatives- not again
party hopping is dangerous to our health
tory MP's riled by harper's outsiders
reynolds brokered emerson's right turn
harper's the man
different party same old tricks
26 conservatives and a liberal
emerson switch slap in face
serve his constituents-no just himself
tories move quickly on ethics
is this how harper ushers in a new era?
bay street likes blue cab

Headline's from The Star here and Globe and Mail here.


Blogger Robert McClelland said...

Paul Martin didn't campaign on a promise to clean up government and do things differently. Harper did. Plus the Conservatives made a big stink over Belinda crossing the floor. It's not media bias, it's the clownservatives not living up to their advanced billing.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Platty said...

The Liberals would have continued lying and stealing from Canadians and done nothing differently? That was Martins campaign?
I'm not sure what to make of the second one, are you saying that the Liberals didn't or aren't making a big stink over David crossing the floor? And, your comparing two appointments to the years of Liberal STEALING and LYING ?? And, after looking directly at the evidence in this post, showing blatant media bias you still say there's no bias? Wow, where do you get a set of blinders like that? You must giggle yourself to sleep every night.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Robert McClelland said...

What I'm saying is that you rubes shot yourselves in the foot. You made such a big stink about Belinda crossing the floor that now makes that the narrative whenever someone crosses the floor. If you had of just shrugged your shoulders, tossed a few "traitourous slut, the liberals can have her" remarks in her direction the narrative on Emerson would now be that too. You cons screamed "floor crossing bad" so don't be surprised now that the media is saying "floor crossing bad".

Plus you have to take into account that more than half of the conservative bloggers and nearly all of the conservative columnists are screaming "floor crossing bad".

That is not bias, it's karma.

1:38 AM  
Blogger pale said...

" Paul Martin didn't campaign on a promise to clean up government and do things differently."

What rock were you hiding under in 2004? That' is precisely what Paul Martin campaigned under in 2004 - remember how he was going to fix the "democratics deficit"?

Also, your precious NDP did not have any problem with Beleinda crossing the floor to prop up their 4 Billion dollar budget grab.

Wow - I did not know the Conservatives had such a powerful voice that they could turn the media around 100% in just one short year!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Kim McKenzie said...

Robert should remember that Martin promised he would clean up the democratic deficit (maybe that promise was just to westerners and, therefore, doesn't count). Very interesting headline comparison - good catch.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Dana Reyes said...

Goodd job

8:41 PM  

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