Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bob Rae, The Liberal Party, The RCMP, and Air India

I was reading this story, Liberals tried to 'shut me up', but didn't have much to add that hadn't already been said. Us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ always knew that the Liberal's had a very cozy relationship with the top brass at the RCMP, and this just gave us one more indication that our speculation was correct (clarifying: we have no concrete evidence other than circumstantial and anecdotal, please do not sue or arrest me). I was outraged by these allegations that top Liberal's, while in government, while holding the offices that could directly influence the RCMP, where apparently interfering in auditing of the RCMP by a government watchdog.

"The political climate, and the high-level executives in the public service, really made my life extremely difficult," she (Shirley Heafey, the lawyer who chaired the RCMP Public Complaints Commission for eight years until last October) says in an exclusive interview with The Lawyers Weekly.

"The deputy prime minister's office and the people in the Privy Council Office were quite concerned about the fact that I had to say what I had to say."

So, nothing really that surprising, we in the VRWC™ thought that the Liberals and the top brass at the RCMP enjoyed a reciprocal relationship of "you watch our back and we'll watch yours." But then I saw a preview for the upcoming movie "The World Trade Center" and thought "what a defining moment that was for the US" and what is our equivalent. Then my mind wandered to Air India, and how that should have been a wake-up call to us all but wasn't, maybe due to racism, or maybe we just thought it was a long standing feud that just happened to involve Canada in an almost remote way. The term 'Terrorist" did not have the same connotations back then. Anyways, my mind then flashed back to this article and then to how those involved in the bombing got away with it. Then I thought of Bob Rae and the Liberal party of Canada.

Was Bob Rae doing a favor for McLellan and Martin by deciding that an inquiry into the Air India bombing was not required? Was this to get support for his upcoming leadership bid from some high ranking Liberals? Did they ask him to do this or did he volunteer? Was he already in the fold and just trying to do them a 'solid'? With the rumors and allegations of how the RCMP and CSIS botched the investigation by fighting over who had jurisdiction, talk of evidence being destroyed and leads not being followed up, is it that far of a jump to think that the Liberal government wanted to again protect their friends at the highest levels of the RCMP as well as the institution itself? In light of these new allegations of "direct interference" by the Martin government in investigations into RCMP activity by a supposed independent watchdog, it doesn't seem to be much of a stretch.

How could they cover up any wrongdoing by the RCMP during the investigation(if there was any, I'm not saying I have any proof that there was so please don't take me in the night, this is a piece of pure speculation)? Well one way would be to decide not to hold a public inquiry or a Royal Commission on the matter. And who was responsible under the Martin government to make that decision? None other than current Liberal leadership hopeful Bob Rae (who at the time was considered Liberal friendly but largely independent of the Party itself). What a sorry state that the Liberals have left this country in. We are at the point where one can make plausible arguments of the kind I just made because the previous governments of this country have so eroded the trust of the public in government as well as corrupting our national institutions that we can no longer be sure of the integrity and fairness of these once noble entities. Maybe Bob Rae was just an asshat and thought, against public opinion and the victim's families insistence, that an inquiry wasn't needed when to everyone else it was obvious that there were huge mistakes during the investigation into the Air India bombing. Maybe not, we will never know for sure, but its sad that we should even have to contemplate it.


Blogger OMMAG said...

Contemplate away!

There are sure to be many more revelations coming.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Myrddin Wyllt said...

IAM(also)CANADIAN, type powercorp into a search engine and you'll find Martin, Rae,Trudeau and many other interesting political lefties tied together by Desmarias and Strong.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The RCMP were/are poodles of the Liberal Party of Toronto. Now they just sit on their hands refusing to investigate the millions of dollars stolen by the Liberals because they're afraid their masters will buy another election.

Rae Days Bob seems far too incompetent to manage the fraud and corruption practices of the Liberal Party, but who knows...

1:06 AM  
Blogger scott said...

myrddin wyllt,

Don't forget Pistol Pete to that list.

6:09 PM  
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