Friday, November 17, 2006

Liberals Just Dont Get It!

Michale Ignatieff says the PM is engaging in "megaphone diplomacy with one of the greatest civilizations on earth, a superpower & should diplomatically raise concerns in a room with the Chinese president."

PM Harper says Canadians don't want us "to sell out our values, our beliefs in democracy, freedom & human rights for the almighty dollar"

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Blogger Jeff said...

harper's record on human rights makes it hard to swallow the rhetoric. he has abandoned the kelowna accord, he has refused to condemn the rcmp for their treatment of arar, nuked the courts challenges program, and has been reluctant to support the rights of gays. he also called human rights commissions an attack on our basic freedoms. so to me, it looks like the conervatives just don't get it. the sagging popularity for this govt in the polls suggests other agree with me.

1:49 PM  
Blogger TangoJuliette said...

Jeff -- you sound more like a liberal twit everytime I come across your inane pronouncements on various blogs -- except the liberal oriented ones, that is.

Knocking Kate on her blog, you seriously questioned the polls as nothing more than a rigged plot by the "neo-con-controlled media" yet your final line of "... the sagging popularity for this govt in the polls suggests other agree with me..." This too, my naive friend, is all part of that vast neo-con-conspiracy, led by that nefarious Kate, to bamboozle you libs into thinking all sorts of wrong things, and doing what you've always done naturally -- make the wrong decisions.

The Kelowna Accord? Produce the written document, with all appropriate signatures, please? It does not exist. The Kelowna Deal was a Martin dither-up, last minute slapped together B.S., deal, undoubtedly laced with promises of lavish "rewards" for those who agreed with Paul. 250 years of the fat white guy breaking his "written" word on every "Treaty" entered into with First Nations People, make the "talk" of Kelowna not at all worth the air it was whispered into. Ask Manitoba First Nations MP Brunooge(?), who hammered Martin at the Committee Hearings a few weeks back. He'll tell you about what value to place on the words of a fat old white man, in a free beaded-buckskin jacket. 13 years of liberal BS, and most of the reserves in Canada's Aboriginal Gulag are still the same. Corrupt, vile, on the verge of fiscal, spiritual and moral bankruptcy, medically unsafe sites for human habitation. Have you ever worked with, lived with, walked among , had your children be with, or even ever met, any First Nations Peoples?

The RCMP thing with Arar? That was a Liberal screw-up, and you'll undoubtedly be hearing about that in the run-up to the next election. Be prepared to holler "Partisan politics!" On this issue, but on other as well. ie. Coming Soon: The Kyoto & Billion Dollar Boondoggle, The Reserves Boondoggle, etc etc. Probably wise to watch for this sort of thing to hit the fan in the last four weeks or so, ahead of voting day, at the next election, I'd be betting.

Man, if I were ever stupid enough to be a so-called progressive Liberalite, I'd certainly want to start keeping that a secret. I'd also be looking to change my name, and getting onto the waiting list at that Montreal private clinic run by Martin's personal physician. I'd want to be trying my damndest to even change my fingerprints.

Courts Challenge Program? That was strictly doled out as patronage goodies, by Libs, for their friends, and for issues that would win votes for the Libs.

Gay rights? That's pretty much a non-issue, except for the question of marriage, and the definition of the word, ritual and tradition.

HR Commissions, and their "quota" systems? I think the PM nailed that one right between the beady little eyes.

Red herrings all around, boy-o. B.T.W. Jeffie: When are you going to answer my question,pal? Or is it too complex a concept and you simply do not understand it?

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harper's Conservatives take another principled stand on real human rights issues - and Liberals just don't get it.

That's because Liberals only use the words 'human rights' to attack others when they have no other reasonable means to attack, 'human rights' to a Liberal is just another political tool.

It can be seen that Liberals use human rights only as a tool, they're not interested in human rights themselves. That's why they had it written into the Charter of Rights - they wanted 'human rights' legislation enabled so that it would give them legal control over their Canadian subjects.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that I always hear the same old.....Harper doesn't care about gay rights crap? Jeff...please do everyone a favour and research the conservative position. Rights are NOT the issue....the title MARRIAGE is. Look at the UK....they have civil unions....gays and lesbians are afforded all the rights as married people...but the title marriage remains reserved for heterosexual partners. Is that wrong? If so, you too are just like all the other "same-sex activists" who one minute claim that they don't care about the title marriage....and the next claim that they need the title. So which is it? Do they want the same rights, the same title, or both? This debate for me pretty much boils down to this.....marriage is a title under god and should remain the way it has always been. I am the number #1 supporter of same-sex rights.....but it's the RIGHTS and not the title. Sadly for many on the left, the conservative position is the same and they would rather fear monger than actually understand the position

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was impressed by Harper's stand on China. Less so on his resolution in the Commons on Quebec nationhood.

11:37 PM  

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