Monday, April 25, 2005

Poll Suggests Canadians Fear Prime Minister's Hidden Agenda

Our latest poll results are in!

The question was: "Who's hidden agenda would win in a fight?"

- The wimpiest of the hidden agendas was the Religious Right. Only 14% of respondents believed they would win. It is believed they would just keep turning the other cheek.

- The Gays were also pretty, well, gay. Only 20% of respondents thought the gay hidden agenda would kick ass.

- Stephan harpers, in a huge upset, only scored 5 points ahead of the gays. I guess Harper will have to work on that if he wants to be a contender.

- The most fearsome hidden agenda, according to a whopping 41% of respondents was Paul Martins. I guess Mr. Martin has been really working his hidden agenda hard this year. No one wants to mess with the Martin hidden agenda.

The Conservatives, having been beaten so badly, are claiming Martin's agenda had an unfair advantage. They believe that with all the corruption and scandal, as well as the time Martin's hidden agenda has had to train, there was no way it could be beaten by any other hidden agenda.

Be sure to vote in our latest poll : Now that U2's Bono is angry at Martin for not following through on third world debt relief, (full story here), which U2 song do you now think is most appropriate...


Blogger Canadianna said...

Love your stuff.
Can you imagine if Paul Martin's agenda was actually transparent? He'd probably win a majority.
Love your 'I Am (Also) Canadian' rant. I voted for Drowning Man in your poll, but I have to admit, I don't think I've ever heard a Bono song.

10:18 AM  

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