Monday, August 29, 2005

Liberals Spend $103 000 To Find Out...Nothing Important

From the Pen of expert Tom...

I was reading the National Post today and came across this article. Basically it outlines how the Liberal Government spent $103 000 asking people, including a large number of Americans, if they thought Canada was a haven for terrorists. As a poll interpretations expert, I can only discern two things from this poll. One, that Canadians have no clue as to actual facts but have a sneaking suspicions that Canada does contain some nasty people bent on terror, and two, that Americans couldn't pick out Canada on a map, let alone know if we harbor any terrorists. The Post agrees with me on these points but puts it a little more diplomatically.
Contrary to claims by U.S. politicians and media commentators, Americans don't regard Canada as a safe haven for terrorists, a new federal study suggests. Some Canadians, however, erroneously believe that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists entered the United States through Canada.

Other than pointing out that "informed" Americans don't blame us for Sept. 11 or think we harbor terrorists, what does this $103 000 survey actually do to help protect us and prepare us for emergencies? Ya, I'm not sure either, but this money came directly from Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. Does anyone else think that this money could have been better spent on... well just about anything else? Are the Liberals and/or the Federal bureaucracy so out of touch with Canadians that they feel the only way to solve a problem is by polling people to see if they blame them for the problem in the first place? Will they continue to waste more money on this? You bet!

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada undertook the research as a pilot project and is considering whether to conduct a broader survey, said spokeswoman Zuwena Robidas.

I would imagine that most Canadians would think this poll was a waste of money and get upset but I'm sure that the Liberals have already commissioned another poll that suggests most Canadians just don't care anymore.


Blogger Bob W. said...

Weeeelllllllllll......Let me start by saying I am an American. And I
have never or hope that I never hear such a crock.

1st. Canada would be just about the last place I would blame for
anything terrorist.

2nd. How they did or did not get to the US is unimportant. Keepin out
period is the trick.

3rd. All you have to do in the US is look around anywhere. And there
you have a potencial terrorist, Havening right here. If some are up in
Canada(Last time I looked you guys were up..right I lost me darn
map)Sorry but youll have to send them to us because our Home land
Security dont know the differanct from a grandmother and a bomber.

4th. I love Canada...(well most of it)

5th I see your goverment is as screwed up as ours!

10:19 AM  
Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

See this is what I mean. American's don't really pay close attention to what happens in Canada. I'm not blaming them, I mean I couldn't tell much about the political situation in Mexico. Its only natural to be more in tune with what effects you directly(on a day-to-day basis). This is why the poll is meaningless. Its like Finland doing a poll of Canadians to see what we think of their policing tactics. And as a side note, just about every terror organization in the world has a Canadian cell... Tamil Tigers, Al Qaeda (Kadr family, milenium bomber, etc...) Sihk terrorists (air india bombing), etc...

Note: I couldn't remember the name of the Sihk organization who claimed responsibility for air India, I did not mean to imply all Sihks are terrorists.

11:15 AM  

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