Monday, July 03, 2006

Canada; Strong and Free? - An essay on Canada from the U.K.

Sometimes it takes an outside view to see things...

Canada; Strong and Free?

"With glowing hearts, we see thee rise/ The true North strong and free" - Canadian national anthem

There was a time that Canada was a model Western state, indeed, Comedian and actor Peter Ustinov once described Toronto as "New York, run by the Swiss". It was a beautiful, rugged country of jagged mountains, sweeping rivers, towering snow dusted pines and majestic golden prairies rolling towards the horizon. Its people were (and for the most part still are) charming, well mannered, hard working, family orientated and God fearing. They also didn't hesitate to defend liberty and freedom wherever and whenever it was threatened, and Canadian soldiers fought across the globe to advance and defend liberty.

However, the leftist social assault that has been waging since the 1960's in all Western states has taken a particularly heavy toll on Canada. One could argue the toll taken is on a par with the leftist moral ruins that we see in Scandinavia or the Netherlands, and many commentators would agree that Canada is the most left wing politically correct nation outside of Europe...

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Blogger Steve Kanter said...

Wow, this guy certainly doesn't understand our country. Its hilariousQ


Kanter On Politics

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this guy is bang on

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only sad thing about this article is that you would never get away with publishing these obvious truths from inside the country.
"Hate" laws, and other mechanisms installed against free speech would at least censure the comments, if not land the writer in jail.
It is true that the post-modernist marxists moled in the big 'L' liberal party of canada since trudeau, coupled with the socialist hordes of the New "Democratic" party have almost destroyed the country.
Once we have the place filled up with low or no skilled 'candians of convenience', always bolstered by the fact that canada has no illegal immigrants, only 'refugees', western values will be gone here, as well as the nation that our brave men fought and died to preserve.
We can only hope that there will still be a U.S. on the continent to pick up the pieces after the break-up!
Sadly, k. smart

3:33 PM  

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