Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quebecois Nation Definition

Wow ... is Webster fast! They already have the definitions ready!

Main Entry: Que·be·cois
Variant(s): or Qué·bé·cois or Qué·be·cois /"kA-b&-'kwä, -"be-/
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural Quebecois or Québécois or Québecois /-'kwä(z)/
Etymology: French québecois, québécois, from Québec Quebec
: a native or inhabitant of Quebec; specifically : a French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec
- Quebecois or Québécois or Québecois adjectivemay have been created as a new word in English -

Main Entry: na·tion
Pronunciation: 'nA-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English nacioun, from Anglo-French naciun, from Latin nation-, natio birth, race, nation, from nasci to be born; akin to Latin gignere to beget -- more at KIN
1 a (1) : NATIONALITY 5a (2) : a politically organized nationality (3) : a non-Jewish nationality b : a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government c : a territorial division containing a body of people of one or more nationalities and usually characterized by relatively large size and independent status
3 : a tribe or federation of tribes (as of American Indians)


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