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Grewal Tapes - Unedited Version

According to the Liberals, the Grewal tapes were tampered with. Allegedly words were inserted into the tape to make the Liberals appear to be offering bribes for votes to Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal.

After a thorough investigation by this blog, it would appear that the tapes WERE altered.

The following transcript, in blue, is what was claimed to be on the tape by Mr. Grewal:

(Transcripts indicate that the series of calls was initiated by Sudesh Kalia, a Liberal organizer in B.C., on Sunday, May 16. An excerpt taken directly from the website)

SK - Minister (Ujjal Dosanjh) called and asked me if I have spoken to you (GG). I said I have talked to him and explained our discussion. Looks like everything is OK and said that he (GG) should contact him (UD).
GG - Should I contact him (UD) ?
SK - Yes, he (UD) said GG should meet with him in the HOC. He (UD) will call me in the morning. He (UD) started talking with the big boss. Unless and until you sit face to face with the big boss nothing can be resolved. If promise is given face to face and I will take your (UD) promise also, if need be, I will also come and join you in the meeting. Everything looks OK, they (Liberals) are the ones who need you (GG).
GG - We will communicate further tomorrow.
In another document released on the website, a transcript alleges the following dialogue took place between Dosanjh and Grewal on Tuesday, May 17. An excerpt follows:
GG - We have to rush through because of the question period.
UD - Today, question period is at 2 p.m.
GG - Don't you have to prepare for it.
UD - No, I can just prepare in 5 minutes, in the car. I think (Belinda) has made it easier for you, if you want.
GG - That's true.
UD - In fact, cabinet can be arranged right away. For the other, you don't want to lose the advantage. If you do right away, you lose the advantage of numbers.Those are the issues.
GG - Anyway, let's talk.
UD - I talked to the PM moments ago. He said he is going to Regina right now and he said he will be happy to talk to you over the phone tonight or in person if you want to move. I think you should have through conversation with Tim.
GG - OK.
UD - Tim is the Chief of Staff, its just like talking to PM.
Another document released outlines an alleged undated conversation that took place between Dosanjh and Grewal. An excerpt follows:
UD - Tim told me to call. I think, as I said earlier, no prime minister would ever want to compromise himself with that kind of appropriate because he want to be able to say, 'I did not make a deal in it, there was no deal'. You came and we accepted you, if that happens. If you want to be able to say that honestly. That's why I was suggesting you, what I was suggesting you. That was the difficulty that Tim had. And you saw that. I think from my perspective, that's the way how my conversation went with the prime minister, when I came to the Liberals. You know we have Scott Brison, he came as a back bencher, stayed a back bencher, then he was prime minister's secretary.
GG - No, he came directly.
UD - Not to the cabinet.
UD - He was made parliamentary secretary.
UD - Depends … and you know that's how the deals are made. I think I just wanted to call you that to let you know
- Inaudible -
UD - Prime minister is never going to say to you that … that I never said that. Youhave to be able to say that I did not make a deal. That's very important. That's why this kinds of deals are not made in that fashion. If you think about it, if you think it is appropriate …
Another document outlines an alleged undated conversation that took place between Murphy and Grewal. An excerpt follows:
TM - It is not the only vote we may have to face that are about, my guess is when you look at issues like supplies, final votes on the budget, opposition, days, there could be as many 8 votes between now and the end of the session which could bring the government down.
GG - Right.
TM - And obviously each one of them will be a nail biter right until the end obviously the two votes that you and you wife represent are the way the house is made up now matter of loss or can matter, I mean you know, just to be honest, there are other members of your current caucus who are facing the same dilemma that you face and/or music.
GG - Quite many?
TM - Well I don't want in the same way I don't want to do anything I don't to.
GG - I know for political reasons
TM - But, you know if I am going to honour your trust I have to honour others, so I am not, I hope you don't think…
GG - No that's OK.
TM - So look, way to make it work and I think the way that allows us the freedom. As you can, just to be blunt, I think it is a bad idea truthfully to have any kind of commitment that involves an explicit trade.

(Note: transcript too lengthly to print on this blog - full version available here)

The following transcript, in red, is what is ACTUALLY on the tape :

GG - Hi, is Paul Martin there? I wan't to sell my vote, maybe for a cabnet post or...
UD - Get bent, looser! And don't call back!

It appears the remaining 3 hours and 59 minutes were digitally created in a sound studio by Mr. Grewal in an effort to make the Liberals look bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you didnt happen to read Calgary Grit's latest post before you wrote this one did ya?

6:12 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

Ehhh, I like mine better...

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grewal and Harper are frauds. They should both resign or be fired.

11:59 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

I agree. If they can't live up to the standards set by the Liberals, they gots ta go...

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The current standard is unless you can be proven guilty in a court of law, no one has to do anything. I personally think Grewal owes the CPC a big appology and should sit as an independent. On the other side, I think that Ujjal should do the same and Murphy should be fired. Theres more than enough blame to go around, after all, there is only one split in the tape for a few seconds out of 90 minutes, I don't think it 'clears' everything else the all parties said.


12:11 PM  

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