Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Friend In Need, Help Katrina Victims

From the pen of "Expert" Tom...

Ok, So I was a bastard for that last post, but in my defense, you can see in the pic that I made that picture before Katrina hit. If I had known what a huge disaster it would turn out to be and how many people would lose their lives, homes, and sanity, I might have thought twice about it.

In order to make up for my bastardlyness, I'll donate what I can. If any of you found that last post funny, then, to ease your guilt, you can donate too...

Dontate to the Red Cross

h/t to Brent at Colbert's Comments for the button link.

Like Brent, I will also link to Instapundit for more info and links on how to help out.


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