Saturday, January 14, 2006


In a last-ditch attempt to retain power, the Liberals will unveil a huge infrastructure spending program next week. The Conservatives have annnounced 2 billion in their platform with more as we move forward.

Liberal John Godfrey, the federal infrastructure minister, said the Liberal platform on infrastructure will contribute money to cities in a "totally different magnitude" over 20 years to fill the city's infrastructure gap.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association said a study of the country's transit infrastructure needs found that $21 billion is needed to renew and expand the system.

How big do you think the Liberals will go? I read somewhere the Liberal say that the have about 15 Billion available under their unreviewed bugeted platform.

How does 3 billion a year over 5 years (15 billion)? or will it be 3 billion over 20 years for 60 billion?

Will they try a cheap stunt and allocate 1% of the GST to the municipalities and say that the Conservative will cut taxes instead of fixing infrastructure "for a generation"?

Mr. Mole where are you with our leak!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya but who beleives anything the lieberals say anymore?

1:46 PM  
Blogger CanadianTruth said...

Another last ditch effort.

Can you believe goodale was trying to tear holes in the Conservative plan, and they're just makign all this up as they go - without any type of platform or mention in their new red book.

Just craziness!!!

5:10 PM  

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