Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quebec Liberals Writing off Public Service?

I was alerted that there was a debate hosted in the Hull-Aylmer riding in Quebec by CRAPO(and I’m not making that name up, check the link), a council within PSAC/AFPC, and was given a short debriefing. The only party not represented in the debate was the Liberal Party. This debate was supposed to address the concerns of Federal Government employees with a focus on issues related to those workers who are living in Quebec.

Does this mean that the Liberals have so mistreated Federal Government employees that they are no longer even trying to win their votes? Marcel Proulx is well know for not participating in any debates since he won in 1999, but the debate was open to any of the other Liberal candidates in the Outaouais, which would also include Liberals David Smith (Pontiac) and Françoise Boivin(Gatineau). These three ridings are in play in Quebec and the Liberals could use all the help they can get. The absence of a Liberal candidate was quite noticeable as the podium with the Liberal tag was left empty and there were many well receive jokes at their expense.

Two things noted during the debate:

1. Without a Liberal in attendance, all candidates were polite and even complementary. There was even a sense of cooperation between them at times, commenting positively or giving constructive criticisms on their positions. There were some differences of opinion but no one was demonized and everyone was treated with respect.

2. A Conservative candidate in Quebec, at a debate sponsored by a union, was not only given a fair chance to express his views, but he was fairly well receive and even garnered a few loud rounds of applause.

What can I conclude from this? The Liberals have given up winning or they are, after all that’s happened, still so arrogant that they feel they don’t have to campaign. Maybe a little of both?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crapo! LOL! I always knew my union was crap!


7:39 PM  
Blogger NL-ExPatriate said...

Maybe they did budget cuts to their own party like they did the

Health care
Robbed EI
schools and education
Stole from disable war vet pensions 30 million, 4.5 billion public service

The Liberals have been more conservative with their Social Policy by stealth than the CPC will eer be and the CPC at least has the guts to say out right what their policies are instead of promising one thing and doing another NOTHING usually.

As for the Lie-berals cutting their own budget not likely.

7:45 PM  

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