Monday, February 27, 2006

Poor State of The MSM in Canada

After years of being spoon-fed stories and 'reporting' the 'inside story' given to them by past Liberal governments, the main stream media, or at least their parliamentary bureaus, are really mad at the Conservative government for making them work for their paychecks again.

These 'journalists' are so far removed from the profession that they profess to be a part of that they are now collectively crying 'not fair' to the Canadian people because Prime Minister Harper is making them actually get off their collective asses and look for stories. It's obvious that these 'reporters' will not be able to keep their jobs if their collective investigative journalistic instincts did not even get a hint of one of the biggest political scandals in Canadian history for almost 10 years.

What will the future hold for these entrepid reporters? Time will tell.


Blogger Zorpheous said...

Come on, this is how the media has operated both here, in the USA and around the world. It is way easier, cheaper to just take the press release and run with it.

The situation down in the USA has changed though, the media is no longer excepting the Bush media releases and they are working for the story because the Bush Administration has proven to be very unreliable.

Has for Harper, well good, maybe this whip our media back into shape and they will start working for their living. Shit the CBC still to this date cares the May 31st transcripts from the Grewal affair even though they are entirely wrong and the proper and full transcripts have been avialable since June 6th.

See the laziness of the media isn't a liberal bias, it is just pure laziness.

Still good spin on the story Also ;-)

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