Thursday, February 17, 2005

Marriage Debate-Canadians Choose Polygamy

In response to the first day of parliamentary debate on the same sex marriage issue, we have closed the poll on readers preference regarding the new definition of marriage.

21% of respondents agreed with the new legislation, and think the definition should be changed from a man and a woman to two people.

34% of respondents prefer the traditional definition.

The majority, 45%, would like to see the definition changed to more than two people, as long as a pet could be included in the definition.

So it looks like the majority of readers prefer polygamy and bestiality. What does that say about Canada? Nothing. I just says that the majority of readers are sick puppies!

Make sure you vote on the latest poll, regarding former Prime Minister Joe Clark's "devil you know" remark.

And on to hockey...well, the fat lady has sung. The season is officially cancelled. Remember where you heard it first! (Although it didn't take a rocket scientist to predict that one)


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