Thursday, July 28, 2005

Never Again Be Shot By Security Forces...

Tired of being shot by security forces? Well, I now have the solution- the alsocanadian "C-thru" luggage (backpack model pictured here).

That's right! No more suspicious looks, searches, and flying bullets. This set of luggage will prevent all this by informing observers that you are not a suicide bomber.

Imagine the freedom! With this pack you can not only run when stopped by authorities, but yell religious statements all with the confidence of knowing that you will not be shot.

Please send $29.99 (cash only) to alsocanadian for this fine pack, handcrafted in China almost entirely child labor free.

Disclaimer: for the C-thru pack to work properly the wearer must not wear any other clothing or footwear, be female, over 65 years of age, and of Norwegian descent. If you are shot while wearing this pack, in order to receive a refund the wearer must prove that the shooting was not crime related.