Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dykes: Canada's Answer?

This blog has made another shocking discovery concerning the governing Liberals new taxation strategy:

We have just learned that the Canadian Liberal government has sent representatives to New Orleans.

Apparently, the purpose of this trip was to improve taxation efficiency by studying techniques used by the US Corps of Engineers.

The engineers drained New Orleans dry in 43 days.

No matter how hard they try, it takes the Liberals 176 days to drain Canadians dry every year.

"According to the engineers" said a government source (on condition of anonymity) "we must be more aggressive with the draining".

Ralph Goodale then said "first we need to promise not to raise taxes. We then will be re-elected, and taxes can be sufficiently raised. It's simple really."

When we asked our anonymous source if Canadians would be angry at the Liberals for lying to them, Mr. Goodale began laughing so hysterically that he could answer no more questions.

A copy of this new Liberal plan was obtained by our expert plan obtainer, "Tom", and can be seen below:


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