Monday, October 03, 2005

PMO Out of Control

Ok, Its time for something a little more serious...

It has come to my attention, through a contact of mine, that the reception for the Governor General came in at more than $500, 000. As this article states, it was the PMO who strong-armed Jean into having this lavish banquet after she had already planned a (relatively) small reception at Rideau Hall for about 100 people.

Half of a million dollars wasted at the mere whim of the Prime Minister is bad enough, but an inside source has confided to me that the Prime Minister wasn't really even that involved, it was staff at the PMO that were out of control and he failed to reign them in or have any control of them during the planning. They would constantly call to change the plans, to request hundreds of new guests, and generally run things very ad hoc on their own whims.

Apparently some Heritage Ministry Employees were working until 3:00 am in order to accommodate the ever-changing event. I'm not sure if the overtime is part of the $500, 000 price tag (and I'm sure the employees deserved it) but I think this is a very concrete example of how the Prime Minister is not in charge of even his own office, how the people around him have no appreciation for tax payers money, and how the PMO doesn't care about anything or anyone outside of the PMO, whether they are a CR4 working in a government office or the Governor General of this great nation.

This incident also highlights the growing case being made that Paul Martin is a bad manager. If he can't manage his office properly, how is he supposed to manage the entire country? I guess the way he is doing it right now, very poorly.

'Expert' Tom


Blogger bijoux55 said...

No doubt if Michaelle Jean could have limited her little soiree to Jacque Rose, Pierre Valliere and Francis Simard, and suck back the money and perks her freakish appointment provides she would be a happy camper.

She can't name the provinces and territories or sing one verse of Oh Canada in English or French. But then neither could the King of France.

There once was Governor General named Jean
Who fancied herself another Champlain
Like a buccaneer she would dress
And refused to confess
That the British won at the Plains of Abraham.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

keep your dayjob, bijoux! But cute.

I caught that story about the PMO wanting the big bash - wtf was that all about? I mean, really!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous camobel said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.

8:16 AM  

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