Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sex, Violence, and Profanity - Gay Play Cancelled

The Vancouver Sun reports today that a school play will be canceled because it contains sex, violence and swearing.

The Surrey school district has cancelled a high school production of a play designed to teach tolerance toward homosexuals.
The school district's administration says the play, The Laramie Project, contains sex, violence and foul language and is not appropriate as family entertainment.
The media is slanting this story in a way to paint the school board as anti-gay, or at least afraid of a gay-bashing at the hands of parents and grand-parents of students at the school. While doing some research to become a gay-play-activists- vs-antagonist expert, I have some inside information on this story. I received a tip from a source who wishes to remain anonymous but is very close to a school board district. They informed me that the sex and violence line they are giving to the students is just a cover-up, "I mean the age of consent in this country is 14 so obviously we don't see a problem with that" spoke Person X, "No, the real reason we cancelled the play is we really didn't think it was appropriate to have a Federal Cabinet Minister or his Chauffeur come out for the auditions."

'Expert' Tom


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Great post Tom! Only I don't think Pettygrew is gay. I believe he is actually a tappette...

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