Monday, September 26, 2005


Jack Layton has just announced that he will now prop up the minority Liberal government for 4.6 Billion... er wait, how much was that again? In an unprecedented fall sell-off, the NDP is willing to give a rock-bottom price on its unwavering support. You can now keep yourself in power for the low, Low, LOW price of just making an empty promise to pass some legislation that we might possibly be able to stomach!!! How the mighty have fallen. After touting themselves as having a central role in Parliament, the NDP are now only touting that they have had a central role-in-the-hay with the Liberal Party and they ended up being on the bottom. Due to sever lack of planning, the NDP has wasted any of its potential gains from the 'NDP' budget. At this point the Canadian population only remember that Paul Martin is ok with Jack, and that’s good enough for them. When asked for comment all Jack would say is "How come I always end up being a bottom?" Thanks for nothin' Jack!!

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'Expert' Tom


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought socialists like the NDP would be against giving up their values for money. They are sell-outs, just like the REST of the Liberals.

No matter what you think about the Conservatives, they are the only ones left with principles.

2:54 PM  
Blogger ferrethouse said...

This is just a ploy. It gives the Liberals a reason to force an election and appear to be centrist. They will say that they have to reject the new spending from the NDP in order to keep the fiscal house in order and therefore the NDP will bring them down. It will work out for the Conservatives because it will prevent the Libs from saying that the Conservatives teamed up with the Bloc to bring down the government. I don't think the Libs can afford to sign another deal with the devil. They MUST offer decent tax cuts or Harper will win a minority.

4:35 PM  

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