Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vote For Us...Or Else!!!!

Vote for Also Canadian as most humorous and best Canadian blog at the Small Dead Blog Awards. As you can see I have 'Expertly' put the polls on the sidebar for your voting convenience.

The Rules: One vote is allowed per computer in a 24 hour period. Voting ends at midnight (Mountain Time) on Friday Oct 21/05.

AlsoCanadian has posted this public statement:
Thanks for the nomination. I knew my Liberal connections would pay off!
Everyone who votes for me gets a $250 dollar heating rebate, free daycare, and a dividend cheque (based on the performance of the economy).
And I would personally like to add:
You can't vote for the other blogs, they just aren't a credible alternative to this blog. Besides, those other blogs are just too scary!!!
Thanks for your continued support!


Blogger zod said...

I know Ive heard that "scary" thing before.....
You got my vote. (Im going out right now to spend my dividend check on credit!)

12:02 PM  

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