Saturday, December 17, 2005

Secret Message In Harper's 1997 Speech

I have been doing some intense analysis on the content, context, semantics, and spelling of the speech giving by Stephen Harper in 1997 and was astounded to find that there was a secret message within his oration. As he was giving this speech to conservative Americans, and not knowing who may overhear, Harper chose to use special keywords so as not to reveal the true contents of this speech.

The first thing I noticed was the obvious code phrase 'Northern European Welfare State'. Now there were many conservatives at the time saying that Canada was moving in that direction since even the former Progressive Conservative government was ringing up huge deficits. It is clear that Harper was not referring to this though, he was actually using the acronym form of the phrase. He was really talking about NEWS, as in news media.

In his speech about bilingualism he wasn't talking about Canada, he was talking about how the media in this country works. In Canada there are mostly French newspapers and English newspapers but it is extremely rare to have a bilingual newspaper, thus most politicians are free to say one thing in one language and quite another thing in the opposite language. When Harper talks about the American conservatives being a beacon of light, he is referring to the conservative media outlets that they have managed to establish in the US to fight the dreaded bias found in most NEWS reporting.

Now that the true meaning of the speech has been revealed, I have to say, I don't blame Harper for trying to warn the Americans about our NEWS media in Canada. I mean would american journalists report on comments that were made off the record?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder the low-lifes that write for the CP wire service never include their name as a by-line. They might actually be held accountable by the readership for their cheap shots and lack of ethics. They sure as hell won't be held accountable by other journalists. Of course, no other journalists will ever go on record as condemning this action.
The motto of the news media, "Piss all over everyone else, but not each other".
Journalists (all journalists) are scumbags, pure and simple.

2:07 PM  
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