Tuesday, December 20, 2005

They Wouldn't...Would They?

The Liberals wouldn't intentionally pick a fight with the US (which could very possibly poison our relationship even more) just for political advantage in an election...would they?...would they?!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they would... and here is why it's really dangerous...

A lot of Canadian jobs are involved with the large trade surplus Canada enjoys with the USA.

While Martin is currently ticking off the Americans...

He loses the longstanding friendship/ ally/ neighbour cards we could always hold with the USA.

Here's a nightmare scenario...

A new terrorist attack occurs in the USA. Real or perceived, it is depply believed that the attackers came through Canada.

The border is now closed.

Yes the auto industry in the USA is hurting for parts, but the safety of the USA is paramount to US politicians of every stripe.

We don't have a good relationship anymore.

Now what?

4:05 PM  
Blogger BL said...

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