Monday, January 16, 2006

Immigration Minister Joe Volpe MIA

Outgoing Liberal MP Don Boudria is calling on the government to snap out of campaign mode and grant an extension to a Belgian family hiding from a deportation order.

"If we were not in an election campaign, on a normal sitting day in the House of Commons, any self-respecting MP would phone the minister and say, 'Look, fix this before Question Period or I'll ask you a question.'"

An aide to Immigration Minister Joe Volpe says the minister decided before the election that he would not intervene in any case during the campaign. The aide says the decision stems from what happened to Judy Sgro, who resigned as immigration minister after allegations she intervened on behalf of campaign supporters with immigration issues.

Come on Volpe - this guy is not even in your riding - and why are you putting out deportation orders during an election if you are not doing your job?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This family works for the farmer that dumped the cow carcass on Don Boudria's front lawn earlier in the year and it is expected that this is another example of the Grits using the Immigration department for personal vendettas. Maybe if this farm hand worked a few shifts out at the airport clubs he could get a visa.

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