Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Indoctrination continues...

The Liberal propaganda machine is still entrenched in our educational system, and very hard at work! They like to begin their "education" campaign on our youth as early as possible to generate maximum voting years (or ensure at least a few votes before the smarter ones wise up).

Case in point - Ontario grade 10 public school science project assignment sheet (verbatim):
Ecosystems Summarative Assignment-Letter of concern to the Federal Minister of the Environment
Throughout our ecosystems unit, we have discussed and explored a number of environmental issues that are of national, if not international concern. As is often the case with complex problems, opinion is not unanimous amongst the citizenry of Canada and it is important that all voices are heard as policy is debated by our Federal Government.
The Assignment
You will prepare a one-page single spaced letter to the Minister of Environment, Rona Ambrose. In this letter, you will outline your suggestions as to the policy the government should follow regarding an environmental issue of your choice....
Possible environmental problems to focus on include:
1. Global Warming- the new government has canceled funding for a number of programs, including the One Tonne Challenge, and is threatening to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol.
2. Endangered Species- lack of funding to programs aimed at reducing the number of species at risk.
3. economic impact of exotic species- one example is the threat to the pine trees of the boreal forest due to a pine beetle infestation.
4 pesticide use- several cities and municipalities have banned certain pesticides from use. Should this be expanded to become a national program?
Other issues may be your focus. Be sure to seek permission if you wish to deal with an issue not from the above list. Your letter will be sent to the Minister of the Environment in Ottawa, Rona Ambrose.
Ya, kiddies, be sure to seek permission...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a victim of this after moving to Ontario from Alberta. Luckilly it was too late to disrupt this conservative blood! A similar example is happening as we speak at Carleton U. The CUSA is attempting to stifle free speech. Its time to take our schools back - If it were my kid i'd be in that school putting my two cents in.

being "offended" usually helps with left wing nutjobs ;)

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rona; keep up the good work!

I wonder if I would get an A?

9:37 AM  
Blogger Fraser Macdonald said...

This is unreal. I was lambasted in grade 10 history class for criticizing Trudeau, but this is much more thinly veiled and outrageous. I wonder if that teacher votes Liberal?

Indoctrination is all around us.

6:26 PM  

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