Monday, August 22, 2005

Eugenics, Canadian Style

I watched a story on the Vancouver news (sorry, couldn't find a link) that says the overdose rate is skyrocketing since "safe injection sites" were opened in that city.

These "shooting galleries" are now being considered in other Canadian cities, after the "overwhelming success" (?) of the Vancouver facility.

There can only be one explanation - eugenics!

"As you can see from this article" says "Tom", a Canadian eugenics expert, "studies show safe injection sites are not about saving drug addicts. They are all about, according to this study, "cutting down on the number of people shooting up in public on the Downtown Eastside. As well, there were fewer discarded syringes and injection-related litter in the neighbourhood. " and making "improvements in public order" to "improve the livability of communities and benefit tourism while reducing community concerns stemming from public drug use and discarded syringes"."

"notice at the bottom of the article: "However, there have been no scientific studies to evaluate their success at heading off overdose deaths and improving public health." Why? Because the government doesn't care and in fact is encouraging drug overdoses by their policies (out of public sight, of course...). It's what eugenics is all about - getting rid of the undesirables"

Hmm...I think Tom may have a point here. Look at the Liberals position on drug laws, assisted suicide, welfare, crime, age of consent, prostitution, aborigionals, multiculturalism, etc., etc., etc...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think with the liberals its reverse eugenics=they are trying to kill off all the good people so they look better.

8:51 PM  

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