Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Belinda Leaks Liberal 'Hidden Agenda'

I was reading several news articles last week regarding Belinda's decision not to run for the Liberal leadership. Something about what she was saying just didn't sit right with me. She was talking about one member one vote. I original thought that maybe that was bugging me, since she had pushed for a less populist leadership election for the Conservative party just a short two years ago, you remember, a riding with 100 members in Quebec would be equal in voice to a party in Alberta with 10 000 members. I am so used to Liberal hypocrisy and duplicity by now that it couldn't possibly be that which was bothering me so much. Then I went back to the source and reread the story, from CTV and when I looked over this quote from Belinda it hit me.
And I would rather see a Liberal Party with millions of members where each and every individual has a direct vote.
Now we all know that Belinda was the head of a major corporation so she couldn't be dumb enough to mistake the number of Liberal members to be in the millions instead of the hundred thousands of members currently (stop snickering, work with me here people!). So why would she make such a huge blunder? What if it wasn't a blunder? I started digging into this to try and get to the bottom of it and was shocked at what I found.

It turns out the Liberals have been formulating a secret plan to issue Liberal membership to every Canadian, whether they want it or not. Every man, woman, and child would be required to pay their membership dues annually and volunteer for the Liberal party. They couldn't announce these plans yet as the population is still unwilling to be enslaved, but they did plan on slowly introducing more nanny state initiatives, such as national childcare and public monopolies on health care, until the population was so dependent on a Liberal government that they had no choice.

We can see early experiments on how this evil plan could be carried out as the Liberal party was already secretly collecting membership fees, or Liberal 'sponsorship' in Quebec for the last decade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and then they can have elections with 100% turnout and get 99.999% of the popular vote

12:26 PM  
Blogger OMMAG said...

What is a "Small Minority Government"?

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says a Liberal CorporateTalkingHead is able to miss ANYTHING or be smarter than the Government's CorporateTalkingHeads?

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[i]"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"[/i]

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