Monday, March 27, 2006

The Left Gets it Wrong Again

Last week there were several ultimatums and warnings given to the Conservative government from the Liberals and the NDP. They told the Prime Minister "soften your proposed gun laws or we will bring you down!"

The federal opposition is sending signals it will block Conservative plans to impose automatic jail terms for a variety of gun-related crimes unless the stiff terms are watered down

They cried "Mr. Harper, back down on childcare or your government will fall!"

Opposition party leaders warned yesterday they are willing to bring down Stephen Harper's minority government if it does not change its course -- particularly on the Tory promise to provide a child-care subsidy to parents -- in the next two weeks.
But what do Canadians really think of all this? Health care, crime top canadians' concerns.

The Ipsos Reid survey, conducted for CanWest News Service and Global National, indicates the largest chunk of Canadians, 28%, picked establishing patient wait-time guarantees as their number one priority for the new Tory minority government.

Making Canadian streets safe and cracking down on crime was a close second at 24%, the survey suggested. Third spot went to cleaning up government and passing the much-touted federal accountability act, a piece of legislation Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly described as his government's top priority.

Pulling up fourth and fifth spot respectively was help with the cost of raising a child and a cut in the GST.

It seems that the Prime Minister is in step with Canadian's priorities and the Opposition parties are not. I guess its no surprise then that Harper's Approval Rating is Up.

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Blogger OMMAG said...

That's why these morons are not running the country now!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear strategy is a key component of the Liberal Party's governing style.

Removing criminals from the streets removes the need for massive social engineering projects that are so profitable for the Liberal Party in terms of buying votes through the advocacy of these 'social welfare' groups.

12:07 PM  

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