Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Toronto Garbage Coming to Ottawa

The city of Toronto is facing a crisis when it comes to waste management. The state of Michigan has decided that it will no longer accept Toronto's waste. This has sent Waste Management Services scrambling to find an alternative place to dump the garbage. Several small towns across Ontario have already obtained court injunctions to block Waste Management from dumping Toronto's garbage in their towns and municipalities.

Currently, there is a debate raging in Ottawa about expanding its own capacity to take in garbage so it can accommodate Toronto's overflow of waste. It seems that the left-leaning (Liberal) inner cabal of Ottawa city council have already all but guaranteed that they will expand capacity in Ottawa's west end to take in more garbage. Only grassroots opposition by the communities affected have a shot of stopping this expansion.

Originally there were plans to find space in Toronto for their growing garbage problem. The proposal was to start dumping waste in the Air Canada Centre, but it was already full of unwanted garbage. There is no chance that this Toronto waste will make it to Ottawa this spring, most likely waiting around some golf course until fall, but it will come.


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Blogger Mark Dowling said...

Since the feds take all Toronto's money and keep all the fed jobs up there the least we can do is send some trash (besides Scarberian MPs who are Liber-tory-ial)

However, the Michigan decision depends on US federal legislation so don't count on it any time soon.

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bottom photo is of a leaf blower I saw at a yard sale last year...was going for cheap too!

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