Sunday, January 30, 2005

Life and Death

In Ottawa there were two news stories this week-one about life and one about death. The life one was about a woman with a rare genetic disorder. She was on experimental medication, which was just approved by health Canada. Now that these drugs are approved, she will have to pay for them. The cost is $25 000 per month. Our kind hearted liberal government won’t cover the cost, and said its up to the Drug Company to show mercy. Can you believe that! I thought we had Medicare in this country. I guess you only do if you don’t have an expensive illness!
The death story is about a man who has a terminal lung disease and wanted to die. He had to hire a lawyer, the police were involved, etc. He went out and had a big party with his friends and family, then went home and did the assisted suicide thing.
Seems strange, one person fighting to live, the other fighting to die…
Its too bad they couldn’t have gotten together before. She could have taken out a life insurance policy on him.


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goddamn good point. keep up the good work!

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Thanks wanker!!!

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