Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Public Service Announcement 3

Rocking your baby to sleep in a mechanical swing may trigger a deadly attack on the child by the family dog, a coroner warns. The back-and-forth motion may activate the dog's instinct to chase prey.
Trainers say pets can be conditioned to baby swings before a baby is put into one.
"Put the swing up, leave it on without a baby in it until the dog really goes for it,"
They then suggest even more extensive sensitization:” Get the dog used to a lifelike crying doll -- with a real diaper, if one is available -- then the swing, then the two together.”
Through natural instinct and a little training, pitbull owners can use mechanical swings as a much more efficient way to feed small children to their dogs.
The American Pitbull Terriers Association (APBTA) would appreciat the donation of any new or gently used mechanical swings.
Thank you.
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