Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Quebecers are Pussies!

In the paper this week:

McLellan tears down western separatists
CALGARY (CP) - Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan doesn't believe the latest attempt to raise a western separatist movement will go far.

And the Liberals are right. Why? Because Canada is like a house full of pets. The provinces and territories are like dogs. The Feds know they can starve them, kick them, work them to the bone, etc., and Fido will still eagerly lick their hand and fetch their slippers.

Quebec on the other hand is like a cat. The more the Feds try to appease it, the more they give to it, the more they pay attention to it, the more it ignores them. And if a door is left open, bye-bye kitty!

So they’ll throw those westerners a bone to keep them from whining too much, as they snuggle with fluffy.

On the subject of cats…..I saw a segment on the show "Daily Planet" in which it was discovered that a parasite infects mice and makes the rodents irresistably attracted to cats. The cat then eats the mouse, thus completing the parasites lifecycle inside the feline. Maybe this parasite also infects humans, and that is what makes them "cat lovers".

Is owning a cat a disease? Maybe cat food is covered by health insurance.


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