Thursday, April 06, 2006

Its Official: This Blogger Supports Bob

After yesterdays shenanigans with Bourques's headline "Raw Personal Ambition Goads Rae to Run" I mused whether I should officially endorse Bob Rae for Liberal leader. I wondered if he became leader, would the Bourques of the world torpedo him like they did with Martin during the last election. Well today is a brand new day, and yes, it seems there are others who would divide the Liberal Party once again if Rae were to become leader.

This Star article, Peterson to arch-rival Rae: Buzz off, opens up by stating:
Former Ontario premier David Peterson warned Wednesday that erstwhile NDP rival Bob Rae won't be welcome in the federal Liberal leadership race.
Obviously this should be taken with a grain of salt as Peterson is not only still mad that he lost to the worst Premier in Ontario history, but that he is also supporting Michael Ignatieff's candidacy.

Would the Liberals rally around Rae if he manages to win? Or would they leave him blowing in the wind as they did Paul Martin. Time will tell, but I think any Conservative should put Rae at the top of their lists for Liberal leader.


Blogger David M. McClory said...

Many people are very foolish to blame Bob Rae for the problemws in Ontario that needed Mr. Harris to fix.

Blaming the mess that led to Harris' election on Rae is innacurate and unhelpful.

The fiscal mess came from Peterson. He is our worst Premier in a long time. Bob Rae was merely feckless in response to Peterson's mess.

Conveniently, out here in Ontario, the enemy most often faced is the one we just defeated on the Federal level, and are about to defeat on the provincial level.

2:17 PM  
Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

I get that the Liberals are in general bad for Ontario, or for anywhere for that matter, but Bob Rae trying to spend his way out of a recession was the worst move ever made by a politician that I can remember. Even the typical NDP base disliked Bob Rae for his Rae Days initiative. And btw, didn't Rae and Peterson share a government for awhile in the 80's? I agree Peterson was bad and is responsible for a lot of the problems Ontario faced, but I still put more blame on Rae and he still wins, maybe by a nose, the title as worst Ontario Premier in history.

2:50 PM  
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