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Global Warming Is Not Caused By Humans...

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What's going on? Are people starting to question? Maybe they've taken the red pill...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

I ran accross this great comment by "ET" on the SDA blog which sums up the whole Kyoto nonsense perfectly:

The thing about Kyoto that is so amazing is its religious infrastructure. It relies almost completely on faith; it ignores facts; it rejects dissent and debate - for those actions are heresy. It is embedded within the notion of Sin, the sin of wealth and accumulation; within the notion of Guilt for such accomplishments. It is completely apocalyptic, based around a 'certain prediction' of massive, explosive catastrophic hellfire Doom. It is utopian, claiming that we can Atone For Our Sins, if only we acknowledge our Guilt ..and do such and such. The such and such, by the way, is primarily focused around giving all our wealth away. Hmmm.

Now - if we look at Kyoto within that infrastructure, how can we be so incredibly stupid to agree to it?

The science of climate change is in its infancy; there is a great deal of work to do on causality, and there is absolutely no proof that our current climate change is due to anthropogenic (human) causes. No proof. No evidence. No data.

That the climate changes - heck - there's a lot of evidence on that. A thousand or so years ago, the climate was a lot warmer. Greenland was green, not ice. Then it got colder. Then it got warmer. None of this was due to humans.

Most certainly, humans (and all species, by the way) pollute. Humans pollute big time - and we are gradually dealing with that. Remember, by the way, that industrialism has only been with us about 175 years or so. THAT'S ALL. We only industrialized in the 19th century with the use of fossil fuels (coal, gas then oil).

So- what's going on? Think about this idiotic notion of 'purchasing credits'. Good god - if that isn't 'stuck on stupid' - what is?

Essentially this means that a Developed Country can continue to emit high levels of CO2. It can get around Its Guilt by 'purchasing credits' from another country also involved in the Kyoto Set of Idiot Nations. There are 166 idiot nations that have signed up to Kyoto. BUT, BUT, only about 35 of these 166 are under emission constraints!!! Get it?

Only 35 out of 166 are required to control and reduce their emissions. The rest are defined as 'undeveloped countries' and it would harm their development into wealthy capitalist style..if they were required to reduce THEIR emissions.

So, the 35 - who are the developed idiot nations - they can realize that to cut their emissions by 2012, can't be done sufficiently. Why not?

Because research on developing new technologies takes YEARS. Not weeks. Not months. Years. Then, you have to test. And retest. Then, you have to get the money to change and rebuild your factories. That action would take - at least, at a least 25 years to get a decent beginning result. OK?

So- in the few years (about 9) allotted to Canada, for instance, to reduce its emissions by 6%- it can't be done. Especially when the Liberals had no intention of funding the new technologies or building the new factories and instead, planned to Buy Their Way Out. Canada's emissions went up by 25%; the US, which didn't sign Kyoto only increased its by 13% - because they are gradually working on new technology. We aren't.

How do you buy your way out? Well, you keep emitting, emitting. And, you are 'fined'. Billions of dollars. You 'BUY' 'credits so to speak, from one of the so-called 'developing countries' which are exempt from reducing their own emissions. They are just sitting there, waiting for you to hand over the money.

This is not an investment in their industries; this is not a loan. It's a pure hand over. KyotoScam.

The developing country can then use that money to build its own industries and factories and become, like you, polluting and emitting.

Oh yes - the 'rhetoric' is, that this money won't be used to build Bad Factories, but Good Factories. That don't pollute; that don't emit. Heh. Another Stuck on Stupid act-of-faith.
There are NO sanctions for the recipient country if they instead build lots of cheaper old style factories. No accountability if they instead use the money for roads, or yachts or Swiss bank accounts. Faith...isn't always the best tactic in international affairs. We've seen that in the Oil-for-Fraud.

So- the net result? The globe is more polluted than ever. More factories with pollution and emissions. And, the developed nations badly harmed in their economies as they struggle to meet the deadline by shutting down factories and industries. Or the taxpayer paying huge fines which are then shipped overseas to....

It's a scam. A religious scam and needs to be exposed as such.



1:26 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

yeah, what she said...

2:00 PM  
Blogger John M Reynolds said...

There is another way to buy your way out. Buy the technologies that are being developed in the USA.

John M Reynolds

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, global warming's great! When I was a kid the Ice Age was coming and we were gonna run out of oil by 1985! This is way better!

5:37 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

Ya, 'non, I member. Ice age a comin, acid rain, nukes, ozone holes, y2k, global warming...

8:49 PM  
Blogger Jitender Saan said...

The cause of global warming is not known.

There is no agreement among climatologists on this.

All the hype about global warming is media and politically generated.

It has no scientific basis.


Jitender Saan

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all canadians are idiots!!!!!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:11 AM  
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