Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The YWCA Daycare Report Costed

Brian Lemon has costed the proposed universal daycare described in the YWCA report. I pegged it at minimum $15-20 billion in about 30 seconds by looking at the Quebec numbers, and I always rounded down to get the lowest overall cost for sake of arguement. Brian broke it down much more and pegged it around $25 000 000 000 per year. Thats a lot of cash!

Go check his site for the breakdown and please, if you want to critisize the numbers, do it at Brian's site.


Blogger Lemon said...

Thanks for the link, Jedi

Am happy to provide my analysis and sources on request.
Not perfect, but it does measure good against the sniff test (ie presents a program roughly of the same magnitude on a national basis as is seen in Quebec. This relativity was only discovered after the matris was developed and was coincidental.

10:12 PM  
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