Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Wingnuterer" Initiates Smear Campaign!!!

It appears that "The Wingnuterer", chief rival of alsocanadian, has begun a completely unprovoked series of attack ads (seen here).

While we are disappointed, we not surprised by these "bottom of the barrel" politics from this band of extremists and fanatics.

Please, take a moment and vote for alsocanadian as the "most humorous blog". We would really hate to see Canadians not get their heating rebate cheques, and quite possibly freezing in the dark...

Oh, yeah...this pic was just discovered of The Wingnuterer and closest friend :

And by the way, about alsocanadian thinking Hillary is hot, I think it's the other way around:


Blogger Candace said...

Well, you know you've made the big times when you've been smeared! Lovin' the Hillary pic

8:03 PM  

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