Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Photo Evidence of Tory Blog Scheme!

As can be seen from this picture, media photographers were able to capture members of the Blogging Tories accepting payment and secret instructions from a high level member of the Conservative party.

This would seem to prove allegations made by a supporter of Belinda Stronach that the Blogging Tories are trying to sway public opinion on behest of the Conservative party.

Obviously the Blogging Liberals and the Blogging NDP must also be involved in this scheme to get the Tories elected, as no one has filed complaints about them "swaying public opinion" for their parties.

One can only guess what kind of hidden agenda is inside those secret plans. The consensus here is that it is information from the Liberal Mole...


Blogger Daniel Lalonde said...

Thank you for just about killing me in my chair.

Photoshoping is fun :}

4:17 PM  
Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

I thought we weren't going to tell Pale about the money, now he'll want his share.

4:27 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

I didn't do that post. I cut n pasted it from the Toronto Star...

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article made me come and visit you for the first time. Thanks Eugene and Carole!

5:33 PM  
Blogger pale said...

I have been duped into taking an unpaid position!

For Shame!

6:59 PM  
Blogger alsocanadian said...

Come back any time, Gainer!

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's getting too late for the Liberals to effectively try to use the "Hidden Agenda" scare tactic as they did last time. Reasons outlined here:

Hidden Agenda A Non-Factor

12:33 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

ac thanks to your image I now know what the secret plans look like. I've dispatched you-know-who to steal them! The Blogging Tories are finished!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous cleananglingpledge said...

Thanks so much for the article, pretty useful data.

4:47 AM  

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