Saturday, October 22, 2005

2005 Small Dead Blog Awards : Unofficial Results

Here are the winners of the 2005 Small Dead Blog Awards. Congratulations to all!!! (even "The Wingnuterer")

Best Canadian Blog:
  1. Angry in the Great White North
  2. Bound by Gravity
  3. Project Alberta

Best New Canadian Blog:

  1. Waking Up On Planet X
  2. Exposed Agenda
  4. Taxpayers Federation Blog

Best American Blog:

  1. Captain's Quarters
  2. Little Green Footballs
  3. Instapundit
  4. Michelle Malkin

Best New American Blog:

  1. Either Orr
  2. Western Resistance
  3. Barone Blog
  4. Wild Duck Diary

Best Blogging Tories Blog:

  1. Bound by Gravity
  2. Monte Solberg
  3. Political Staples
  4. Le Blog de Polyscopique

Most Outrageous Candian Moonbat Blog:

  1. My Blahg
  2. Small Dead Animals 2.0
  3. Here in Canuckistan
  4. Calgary Grit

Most Humorous Blog:

  1. The Wingnuterer
  2. I am (also) Canadian
  3. Relapsed Catholic
  4. Mark Steyn

Best Blog Run by a Member of the MSM:

  1. Antonia Zerbisias
  2. Michelle Malkin
  3. Paul Wells
  4. Colby Cosh

Best Hard News Blog:

  1. Angry in the Great White North
  3. The Belmont Club
  4. Sound Politics

Best Whistleblower Blog:

  1. Angry in the Great White North
  2. Captain's Quarters
  3. Black Rod
  4. The Radio Equalizer

Best Photoblog:

  1. Photojunkie
  2. Jackson's Junction
  3. Making Happy
  4. Grey Expectations

Best Canadian Political Blog:

  1. Sinister Thoughts
  2. Monte Solberg
  3. Civitatenis
  4. Stephen Taylor

Best American Political Blog:

  1. Captain's Quarters
  2. Instapundit
  3. Michelle Malkin
  4. The Belmont Club

Best Coverage of Iraq War by a Blog:

  1. Michael Yon
  2. Arthur Chrenkoff
  3. Iraq the Model
  4. In the Red Zone

Weirdest Canadian Blog:

  1. Buckets of Grewal
  2. Plato's Stepchild tied with Robot Guy
  3. Overheard at Western

Best Blog Post:

  1. Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open (Cptn's Quarters)
  2. Tipping Point (The Monarchist)
  3. Tribes (Eject! Eject! Eject!)

Were the Liberal Party's finances 'audited' (


Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

But 80 votes on the last day, Wingnutterers? Thats almost 30% of the vote in just over 7% of the voting time alloted. We will not recognize you as most humorous blog and have asked both the ethics commissioner and the Governor General to step in!!!

Ok, well congrats anyways, at least we lost to someone with a sense of humour. :-p

10:50 AM  
Blogger Zorpheous said...


Sometimes humor is like the truth, it can be very strange, stranger than fiction. Do I have a sense of humor? Maybe yes maybe no. Did you lose to a person who is wierd?

Well, maybe a little from column A and a little from column B, LOL, Ok maybe a lot from Column B.

To be completely serious for a second, I think you guys are very funny, and your blog is one of my daily reads. The last few days when we started trading bow shots at each was great. Your photo shop work leaves mine in the dirt, I think I need to start reading up Adobe Photoshop more and learn how to use it more effectively.

BTW, Lord Bump is an albino North American Grey Squirrel, that pink color you gave him made him rather angry. He certainly sin't one of those pinko commie Red Squirrels ya know.

I am also surprised that SDA hasn't announced the winners yet.

Anyhoo, I would like to o you guys a favour, if you can come up with a graphic for your site, I would like to do you guys up some TUITs for your Blog (Blog Pogs). I have found them great for promoting my blog and other websites. Give it some thought, think about what you like the ring text to say.

Oh I also ship a few a my Blog Pogs as well, just for the collector value ;-)

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sean was down with a bad case of the flu this week. Thus, he was delayed in announcing the winners.

I had no involvement whatsever in setting up, overseeing or counting the votes. It was a fun contest, folks, designed to draw attention to other bloggers.


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you are up for another award - "The Bloggers Who Kiss My Racist Redneck Ass (Or Pander to it) For A Mention On My Small Dead Animals Blog" on the Small Dead Animals 2.0 cheesy attack blog.

So far no votes for you!

Joe Lemarde

7:54 AM  
Blogger Winston said...

liked the list.. keep up the good work

5:44 AM  

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