Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bob Rae, The Liberal Party, The RCMP, and Air India

I was reading this story, Liberals tried to 'shut me up', but didn't have much to add that hadn't already been said. Us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ always knew that the Liberal's had a very cozy relationship with the top brass at the RCMP, and this just gave us one more indication that our speculation was correct (clarifying: we have no concrete evidence other than circumstantial and anecdotal, please do not sue or arrest me). I was outraged by these allegations that top Liberal's, while in government, while holding the offices that could directly influence the RCMP, where apparently interfering in auditing of the RCMP by a government watchdog.

"The political climate, and the high-level executives in the public service, really made my life extremely difficult," she (Shirley Heafey, the lawyer who chaired the RCMP Public Complaints Commission for eight years until last October) says in an exclusive interview with The Lawyers Weekly.

"The deputy prime minister's office and the people in the Privy Council Office were quite concerned about the fact that I had to say what I had to say."

So, nothing really that surprising, we in the VRWC™ thought that the Liberals and the top brass at the RCMP enjoyed a reciprocal relationship of "you watch our back and we'll watch yours." But then I saw a preview for the upcoming movie "The World Trade Center" and thought "what a defining moment that was for the US" and what is our equivalent. Then my mind wandered to Air India, and how that should have been a wake-up call to us all but wasn't, maybe due to racism, or maybe we just thought it was a long standing feud that just happened to involve Canada in an almost remote way. The term 'Terrorist" did not have the same connotations back then. Anyways, my mind then flashed back to this article and then to how those involved in the bombing got away with it. Then I thought of Bob Rae and the Liberal party of Canada.

Was Bob Rae doing a favor for McLellan and Martin by deciding that an inquiry into the Air India bombing was not required? Was this to get support for his upcoming leadership bid from some high ranking Liberals? Did they ask him to do this or did he volunteer? Was he already in the fold and just trying to do them a 'solid'? With the rumors and allegations of how the RCMP and CSIS botched the investigation by fighting over who had jurisdiction, talk of evidence being destroyed and leads not being followed up, is it that far of a jump to think that the Liberal government wanted to again protect their friends at the highest levels of the RCMP as well as the institution itself? In light of these new allegations of "direct interference" by the Martin government in investigations into RCMP activity by a supposed independent watchdog, it doesn't seem to be much of a stretch.

How could they cover up any wrongdoing by the RCMP during the investigation(if there was any, I'm not saying I have any proof that there was so please don't take me in the night, this is a piece of pure speculation)? Well one way would be to decide not to hold a public inquiry or a Royal Commission on the matter. And who was responsible under the Martin government to make that decision? None other than current Liberal leadership hopeful Bob Rae (who at the time was considered Liberal friendly but largely independent of the Party itself). What a sorry state that the Liberals have left this country in. We are at the point where one can make plausible arguments of the kind I just made because the previous governments of this country have so eroded the trust of the public in government as well as corrupting our national institutions that we can no longer be sure of the integrity and fairness of these once noble entities. Maybe Bob Rae was just an asshat and thought, against public opinion and the victim's families insistence, that an inquiry wasn't needed when to everyone else it was obvious that there were huge mistakes during the investigation into the Air India bombing. Maybe not, we will never know for sure, but its sad that we should even have to contemplate it.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Canadian Soldier at University

A Canadian soldier was attending some university courses between deployments. He had completed tours in Bosnia, and just returned from Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist.

One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting."

It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Soldier got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and punched him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Soldier went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Soldier and asked, "What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you do that?"

The Soldier calmly replied, "God was too busy today protecting Canada's soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an A-hole, so He sent me."

Michaelle Jean, Harper's New Best Friend?

After announcing yesterday that she will not attend the Press Gallery dinner, joining a growing list of mostly Conservative MP's and the Prime Minister declining the annual event, Governor General Michaelle Jean went one step further today and possibly gave hints as to why she would not attend. Michaelle Jean blasted the media for being too sensational and gossipy and not reporting on real news.
Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean cautioned Thursday against sensationalism and gossip replacing critical news reporting, urging an audience of journalists to remember their civic responsibility.

Without narrowing in on specifics, Jean painted a bleak picture of the dangers of transforming journalism into a commodity, where sales figures and deadline pressures erode the quality of reporting.
Is the GG on the Prime Minister's side during this war with the Parlimentary Press Gallery? Well I don't think I would go that far and I'm sure even if she was she would not openly admit it. That being said, despite her sugar coating there is no doubt she is telling the media in Canada to stop the childish junior high mentality and to start doing their jobs. I can agree with her on that.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Latest CanWest Attack Ad:

We have just uncovered CanWest's latest Stephen Harper attack ad! They are releasing it all across Canada on their national propaganda network. (see here)

It goes something like this:

Stephen Harper's motorcade has a a big black SUV.

President George W. Bush's motorcade ALSO has a big black SUV.

Is Stephen Harper ACTUALLY George Bush?

We just don't know. He just won't say.

Big black SUVs. In our cities. Canadian cities. In Canada.

We did not make this up!

C'mon, media! Didn't ya learn anything from your political arm, the Liberals? Those attack ads just don't work...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Which Serenity Character Are You?

Your results:
You are A Beaver (Cannibal)

Beavers are savages that have been
driven to madness by the government.
They blog without any discussion.

A Beaver (Cannibal)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
River (Stowaway)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Inara Serra (Companion)

Click here to take the "Which Serenity character am I?" quiz...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

CTV 's David Aikin Better be Careful

With journalism like this - he may not last!

Coles Notes Version for the Terminally Bewildered - this is probably the fairest and balanced take I've seen on great media wars!

Probably a coincidence that he has blog as well!

The Canadian Version...

Mounties to Marry

I came across this story from the Herald: Mounties get their men -- each other.
On a Friday night in Yarmouth this June, Const. Jason Tree and Const. David Connors will don their scarlet dress uniforms, stand before family, friends and co-workers and wed in the first same-sex marriage in the RCMP’s storied history.
I guess its true what they say, the Mounties always get their man in the end. I just didn't know it was the rear-end.

h/t nealenews

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Canadian Press Wants Us Out of Afghanistan

I came across this story on CNEWS, unatributed of course, just written by the invisible hand of the vast left wing conspiracy: $4.1 billion spent on Afghanistan
The federal government has spent more than $4.1 billion on its Afghan operations since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that killed 25 Canadians in New York's twin towers, a think-tank said Wednesday...
From the headline it sounds like this is a fact, the numbers are part of public record because a think-tank had done the research. Only after going in depth into the article did I realize that the 'think-tank' in question was the Polaris Institute. This little snippet is from their section named "The Corporate Security State Project":
The relationship between economic globalization, militarism, and security has become critically important in the post 9/11 context. The ongoing war on terror is being used not to just seek out those responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but to provide greater protection for corporations through a war economy and muted social justice movements.
Does this sound like a fair and impartial group without an agenda? Whenever they quote the Fraser Institute or the NCC they always call them "a right wing think tank" or a "Socially Conservative organization." The headline should have read:

Neo-Progressive Left-Wing Anti-War Socialist Historical-Revisionist Think-Tank Wants Us to Beleive Them About Cost of War in Afghanistan.

It kinda has a ring to it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Real Reason for Senators Playoff Failures

After reading this entry on the Curse of King Clancy in wikipedia it all makes sense.
In the early years of the NHL the Ottawa Senators (Silver Seven) were the most dominate team in hockey. Winning more Stanley cups than any other team. The team was a powerhouse that couldn't be beaten. No one was better than their star player, King Clancy.

Ottawa, even then was a small market team. They became desperate to find the money to operate and remain competitive. Desperate for a solution they traded their star for cash.

Ottawa received $35,000 and 2 players in 1930 to trade Clancy away to rival Toronto.

Clancy whose feisty play was legendary had made roots in Ottawa and was infuriated by being traded for more money then they were going to pay him.

As he was boarding the train to Ottawa he was overheard shouting at Ottawa's coach by his former team mate Frank Finnigan.

"Mark my words! I will be dead for at least 20 years before they lift that cup again!"

Within a few short years the Senators folded having never won a cup again.
The good news for Senator fans is the curse is lifted this November 8th, the 20th aniversary of King Clancy's death.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Senators Next Year

Why Wallow!
Next Year:

Alfie - gone
Chara or Reddedn - Keep Redden if keeping one
Smolinski - gone
Havlat - gone or last year.

Bigger roles -
Emery, Fisher, Phillips

2 line center
Top line winger
2 line winger
mobile defenceman with grit.

Time to rebuild around Spezza, Heatly and Fisher up front - Emery in nets! Defence Phillips, Mezaroff and Pothier!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Draft Belinda Campaign.

After reading this all I have to say is, where do I sign up?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Freedom of the Press at the CBC

So it looks like Michael Coren, as well as many other conservatives, are now being blacklisted by the CBC higher ups. In his column in the National Post (quickly becoming my newspaper of choice) Coren describes how he was invited onto CBC News Sunday - hosted by Evan Solomon and Carole MacNeil, made arrangements to attend the taping, and even helped the co-host find a suitable 3rd panelist for the segment. Then at the last minute, he was told not to bother to show up. This decision wasn't made by the hosts, but by unnamed higher ups at the CBC. he goes on to describe how he's heard many stories of conservatives being asked on CBC panels by the shows host, a supposed journalist, only to be told not to bother based on a decision made in a shadowy conference room with their unnamed socialist masters. Kate at SDA has posted that she has had similar experience with the CBC.

These are the very same journalists who complain about 'Freedom of the Press' when it comes to anything the PMO or the Prime Minister does. If they are really worried about freedom of the press then they might want to stand up to their own bosses and demand that they be allowed to choose who they get to have on their segments or shows. We don't even know the names of the people who make these decisions. Our democracy needs a free, independant, and unbiased press. I will settle for two outa three, but no less.

As they say, "Doctor, heal thyself" or maybe, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Take your pick.

h/t nealenews