Monday, April 23, 2007

Canadians Just Not Buying It

There are two interesting stories at The first story- Canadians ready for a carbon tax: David Suzuki - is one about the 'Environment crusader' telling us 'ordinary' Canadians that we are smarter than the politicians and even us 'ordinary' Canadians are ready for the progressive and ingenious idea of a Carbon tax. I find it a little patronizing, but I guess its a typical 'used car' sales pitch, tell the people they are smart and only a smart, incredibly attractive, and dynamic person such as ourselves would buy that Pinto... er, I mean protocol. Well good doctor, according to CTV's own poll, placed within site of the story to illicit the most honest of responses, you are completely wrong.

The second interesting story was Thousands march to pressure Tories on Kyoto. I'm sure if this was a year and a half ago the story would be Thousands march to pressure governments on Kyoto, but I digress. I don't usually agree with the Kyoto crowd, but this 'crusader' nailed it on the head:

Under a blazing sun, Shannahn McInnis pushed a stroller with her two-year old daughter who sported a green T-shirt that said, "I run on natural gas.''

McInnis saw the massive Montreal event as a chance to put some pressure on the Harper government. "I'm extremely pessimistic on it doing anything, but I thought I'd come anyway,'' McInnis said.

"I don't think it's at all a priority to any of the parties except the Green Party and the NDP, and they're so far away from being elected. If that's the case, it wouldn't seem to be a priority for the public, either because they're not electing the parties that consider this the priority.''

Sparse crowds in other parts of the country seemed to emphasize the point.

Now maybe you should tell the higher-ups that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Neon Dion Still in the 90's

In a change of tactics that marks an unthinking change of Liberal political strategy, Neon Dion set up shop on Bay Street.

Umm -- Somebody should tell that Big Corporations don't vote and can not be hit up for big donations like the Liberals did in the past.

Flaherty ---"It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the whole idea of all of us sharing the tax load equally in Canada ... If [Neon Dion] has his way, it means that all ordinary Canadians will have higher taxes."

Even funnier -- Neon Dion was flanked by high-ranking Liberals who are familiar to the financial crowd -- former investment banker Scott Brison and former Royal Bank chief economist John McCallum.

What - no Garth Turner --- snubbed in Toronto again? Oh, he's too busy whining about MPTV getting the boot from the foyer --- like the Conservative staffers and Stephen Taylor.

I guess as an MP - Garth is entitled to his entitlements.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dion Selles Out to Greens!!1

According to the Red Star "Stephane Dion has decided not to run a Liberal candidate against Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the next federal election."

Ha --- even better -CBC says that - May has agreed to not run a Green candidate against Dion! I guess Dion is running scared of the mighty greens!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Newfie Joke...

This Newfie goes to Parliament hill after the release of the federal budget.

In the budget, Newfoundland is offered a new formula used to calculate provincial equalization payments, or remain with the current system.

The formula gives it the choice between including 50% of their resource revenues or excluding them entirely, but also introduces a cap to the amount of money they can receive in equalization payments.

After reading the budget, the Newfie says "But bye, I wants ta keeps all my equalization payments...and all my offshore oil revenue too!"