Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tobin, Manley, and McKenna Walk into a Bar ...

The Bartender says "Is this some kind of joke? No one wants to run the Liberal Party?"

It Would Explain His Disposition...

Bound by Gravity reports an interesting medical discovery...a "fat" virus!

Can you imagine:


And you know he's going to blame Bush for it...

Monday, January 30, 2006

McKenna won't run for Liberal leadership: CTV

Canada's outgoing ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, will not be running for the leadership of the Liberal Party, CTV News has learned.

"I don't have all the reasons for it, and there is a possibility that he will announce this today, that is what we are hearing," CTV's Robert Fife said of McKenna, who was touted as the clear frontrunner for the leadership race.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Election Hangover. Please Hold.

As you can tell from our lack of posting, we at IAM(also)Canadian are taking a not at all deserved break. Don't worry, this won't be a long break, just enough time to get some sleep and calm our nerves. We are still having nightmares of Stephen Harper pulling off a mask and seeing this...

Ok, I guess we can retire this picture now.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

NASA on the prowl...

As you can see from this screen shot, NASA is doing a search for a particular Canadian. They have shown up on my sitemeter at least once more in the past couple of days looking for the same person (look under "search words").

I can only surmise one reason for NASA wanting this particular individual:

They must have run out of chimps...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beginning of the End?

Wow, the media has really jumped on board this concept of the Liberals making a comeback in a year or two to reclaim their Devine right to govern. I thought Craig Oliver was about to start crying on CTV last night. I've heard so many times last night and today that without the taint of Adscam, the next Liberal leader will ride to a majority within days of being selected at the Liberal leadership convention. These 'experts' claim that the un-Canadian Conservatives will be back in the opposition where they belong.

Well I'm the only "Expert" that counts around here and it's my opinion that this isn't the beginning of the end for the Conservatives. The party was only merged two years ago. The party has only had one policy convention, and that was less than one year ago. We now have watchdogs on bias in the media. We now have watchdogs on extremists and activists that will mislead the public to advance their own agendas. We will soon have a government that will be more transparent, more democratic, and more accountable. We currently have a huge grassroots movement to bring about change in this country and it has just started to mature. We have just taken our first real steps towards a more politically balanced nation.

No, this is not the beginning of the end. This is just the end of the beginning.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Canadian Jedi Say: Vote!


Please help keep the Liberal stormtroopers out of our temple...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Did You Bet On The "Right" Guy?


Last Day of Election-What Do Canadians Think?

Here are today's popular searches on ElectionBlog.ca:
  1. Conservative win
  2. hidden agenda
  3. Gagliano background check
  4. Liberals losing
  5. criminals get energy rebates

alsocanadian most popular searches today are:

  1. various p0rn
  2. "hands in my pockets'
  3. "leafs suck"
  4. stephen harper speech
  5. harper scary

I'm not worried.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Martin Blasts Tories

Check it out here.

Choice quotes:

Asked to name one far-right element in the Tory platform, Martin cited their plans to roll back the Liberals' proposed national day-care plan, Canada's commitment to the Kyoto protocol as well as a recent federal-provincial aboriginal deal. - Pale ->O.K. far right extreme means you don't agree with me.

Martin said a Tory government would imperil abortion rights. He delivered the warning _ aimed squarely at women voters -- flanked by eight of his Toronto-area female candidates. Conspicuous by their absence were local Liberal candidates who share the anti-abortion leanings of many Conservatives.

But to Martin, those announcements (the three mentioned above) have been reason enough to travel the country using words like "ultraconservative,'' "extreme,'' and "far right'' to describe his opponents.

More like back blast!

Bonus: Check out Paul Wells today!

P.S. Leafs Suck!

Will You Protect Minorities?

I am a minority.

Only one party has said it will protect my rights.

Other parties want to take away my rights. They have already placed me on a "list", for no other reason than the fact that I am a minority!

If elected, they will come for me using this list.

Why must I live in fear of that knock on the door?

Why, because I am a minority, should I be persecuted?

Please, help protect me from these people who would take away my rights and confiscate my property because of my minority status. You can only do this one way...

by voting Conservative!

I am a minority. I am a handgun owner.

Cheryl Gallant Found.

At a debate. In Canada!
A News Article on the debate. On the Internet. In Canada.

Paul Martin should muzzle his extreme anti-American candidates. Look at what this guys says!

Liberal Candidate Don Lindsay's self destruction continued when club member and Canadian Veteran George Tompkins stood to ask the candidates his question. "If the handgun ban goes forward. What plan would your party offer to compensate those of us who legally own the guns that would be confiscated?" To which Lindsay replied "Sir America is our neighbor not our nation, if you elect a society that talks about that kind of perspective I suggest that perhaps you go there!" Cheryl Gallant responded to the question with "George I have seen you at the legion in uniform representing our country I hope you stay in Canada," she said. "This is not an issue if the Conservative's get elected because there will be no ban on handguns. But if the Liberals are elected we know there would be no compensation, there never is," she said.

Friday, January 20, 2006

At The Black Gate!!

All through the blogsphere I've heard the faithful whimpering about how the Liberals are poised for a comeback of impossible proportions to win a slim minority in this election. I've done it myself a few times as well, but no more. Why are we buying into this? This is a sliver of doubt that the Liberals have put in our minds to stop us from fighting, to reflect,to get bitter, and to quit. Of course there is going to be an onslaught by the Liberals and MSM to try and portray the CPC and Harper as scary and dangerous, but I'm telling you, we shoudn't be buying it and we should be fighting back.

Stop defending, go on the offensive. Keep up the attacks on Tony Valeri, on Chris Axworthy, on every Liberal scandal, scam, and transgression. Call in to open line shows, write emails, talk to your contacts, and get the message out. We can't go to our happy place and pretend that there is nothing we can do precisly because this is the last stand for the Liberals. They have a paper arguement that just doesn't hold up. Go to Bourque and check out all of the polls released today:

SES Jan 17-19: CP 35.5% Lib 29% NDP 18.8% BQ 11.1% GP 5.6%
Ekos Jan 19: CP 37.4% Lib 27.3% NDP 20.8%, BQ 10.1%, GP 3.9%
Gregg Jan 17-18: CP 37% Lib 28% NDP 16% BQ 12% GP 7%
Leger Jan 12-17: CP 38% Lib 29% NDP 17% BQ 11%

and this from Kinsella talking with Darrel Bricker of Ipsos-Reid, the granddaddy of polling in Canada, today:

"Decided vote: Tory 38, Liberal 26, Dippers 19"

So that means, accept for SES who does the 1st and 2nd place methodology, as of last night the CPC are around 37-38% and the Libs are 27-29% and nothing has really changed in two weeks other than a few over exagerated polls in the CPC favour.
Hold your ground, hold your ground. Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you "stand, Men of the West!"

Polls- What's Wrong with this Picture?

Harpers Not Scary #33 - Final Installment

Stephen Harper...

Isn't a corrupt, arrogant, morally bankrupt party leader who's been in power waaay too long...

Harper's not scary #1 Harper's not scary #2
Harper's not scary #3 Harper's not scary #4
Harper's not scary #5 Harper's not scary #6
Harper's not scary #7 Harper's not scary #8
Harper's not scary #9 Harper's not scary #10
Harper's not scary #11 Harper's not scary #12
Harper's not scary #13 Harper's not scary #14
Harper's not scary #15 Harper's not scary #16
Harper's not scary #17 Harper's not scary #18
Harper's not scary #19 Harper's not scary #20
Harper's not scary #21 Harpers Not Scary-Halloween Special
Harper's not scary #23 Harper's not scary #24
Harper's not scary #25 Harper's not scary #26
Harper's not scary #27 Harper's not scary #28
Harper's not scary #29 Harpers Not Scary - Christmas Special
Harpers Not Scary - New Years Special Harpers Not Scary #31
Harpers Not Scary #32

Jackamans Secret Religious Hidden Agenda?

Two time loser NDP candidate Dale Jackaman has placed google ads all over the blogosphere claiming Stephen Harper has a secret "religious hidden agenda"

This NDP'er and self described "environmentalists' social democrat" says the Conservatives are too religious, however in a 2002 article he was quoted as saying: "We're religious about following up on security issues right away".

Is Jackaman religious? Does he have a secret religious "hidden agenda"?

He just won't say.

"We're religious".

I'm not making this up.

We're not allowed...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Career for Paul Martin?

Since Paul Martin may be looking for a new career in a few days, we thought we'd help him out.

as you can see from the pic below, Martin would make a great Rap Artist...

We even thought of a name for him: Mr. Dithers and the I Love Canada Crew

I can hear it now:

yo yo yo, my name is Dithers and I must say,
I love Canada but the west can go away.

Come hell or high water make no mistake,
the RCMP will investigate,
Cuz I had the courage to call Gomery,
essentially, fundamentally, it's an absolute priority.

The fact is make no mistake I represent the values of Canadians,
even though I wear Depends.

Harper will put soldiers in our cities,
I would pull them out and let Toronto freeze.

I will essentially ban handguns fundamentally,
so only my posse will have them can't you see clearly?

Make no mistake look it I can tell you,
come hell or high water Canada my ships won't flag with you.

Um uh ah er um ah er,
fundamentally I really hate Harper...

Mike Duffy Lets slip Liberal Strategy

On Countdown last night, Mike Duffy let slip that he was in on the Liberal conference call, or was at least privy to the information being talked about on that call. What he intimated was that the new Liberal strategy was to say that they are still in this race and have a chance at beating the Conservatives. They were relying on internal polling which showed the race tightening.

Are the polls tightening, such as SES, Ekos, and Decima, and that's why the Liberals are trying this new tactic? Or are they trying this new tactic and thus the polls are being produced to match this new story line? My guess is the Liberals really don't think they have a chance but can claim they do in order to rally the "anyone but Harper" crowd. Either way, the strategy is working because I'm getting a little anxious over here!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Photo Evidence of Tory Blog Scheme!

As can be seen from this picture, media photographers were able to capture members of the Blogging Tories accepting payment and secret instructions from a high level member of the Conservative party.

This would seem to prove allegations made by a supporter of Belinda Stronach that the Blogging Tories are trying to sway public opinion on behest of the Conservative party.

Obviously the Blogging Liberals and the Blogging NDP must also be involved in this scheme to get the Tories elected, as no one has filed complaints about them "swaying public opinion" for their parties.

One can only guess what kind of hidden agenda is inside those secret plans. The consensus here is that it is information from the Liberal Mole...

Big Oil Supports Paul Martin's Liberals

In recent weeks Paul Martin has speculated about who financially supported Stephen Harper, but now maybe we can ask Paul Martin about his own supporters. AlsoCanadian did a piece a while back about how a Canadian oil company, Talisman Energy, may have been helping the Sudanese government at the very same time the Liberal government was giving lectures on how the ethnic cleansing should be stopped. AlsoCanadian then showed us some very revealing facts about how the Liberal government had ignored calls to sanction Talisman and speculated about their policy of political donations.

Here is a summary of their political donations in 2003:

$10,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada
$10,000 each to the Paul Martin
$10,000 John Manley leadership campaigns
$5,000 to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

And their donation policy:

"In the past, we have had a policy of contributing $20,000 per year to the governing federal (editor: Liberal) party, with lesser amounts to opposition parties. We have also purchased tables at various federal party fundraising events. In accordance with the new law, Talisman’s policy has been revised to preclude all of these activities at the federal level. "

This would total over $200 000 to the Liberal party of Canada over the last 12 years, not including 2004 and on, when the election laws were changed.

Do the big oil companies represent your values? more importantly, do Paul Martin's values now reflect Talisman's?

Nice Try C-News

But Harper could take David Bowie!

Although I'd pay good money to see Jack Layton and Ted Nugent go at it!

Canadian Troops Poised to Invade Iran!

According to a Liberal attack ad I just heard on the radio this morning, the Conservatives are planning an attack on Iran.

Narrated by the pillar of honesty and integrity Liberal minister Ujjal Dosange, the ad said that if Canadians want to keep our troops out of IRAN, they must make a choice and vote for Paul Martin.

OK, so it looks like the Conservatives now have a mole. How else could the Liberal have found out about the top secret hidden agenda to invade "New Quebec", formerly known as Iran?


Which is the real headline:

1 - "Martin attacks Harper for not attacking Layton"

2 - "Martin attacks Layton for not attacking Harper"

3 - "Martin attacks media for attacking Martin"

4 - "Martin attacks kitten for attacking mouse"

5 - "Martin attacks everybody for no good reason"

If you guessed number 2, you're the winner!

That's the headline.

I'm not making this up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why DID the Liberals Pick Jan 23rd?

Maybe because of this?

"Low income families with kids and some senior citizens may find their bank account a little larger.

The federal government is delivering it's Energy Cost Benefit this week. The one time tax exempt payment is intended to help alleviate high energy costs.

The benefit ranges from 250 dollars for families getting the National Child Benefit Supplement to 125 dollars for single seniors on the Guaranteed Income Supplement."

A Couple a Pics...

This pic from New Quebec makes a lot more sense after reading this...

And...is it just me, or is there an uncanny similarity?

(Update: Fighting for Democracy has more hillarious Simpson/Liberal porodies...)

Now who's yer daddy...

Was this an omen?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Nealenews Exclusive! alsocanadian unmasked!

Nealenews has done it again!

It appears that Nealenews has captured footage of two members of the alsocanadian team on today's front page:

Both alsocanadian and "expert" Tom have been photographed with Mr. Harper at a campaign stop, possibly receiving secret instructions from Stephen on future blog posts.

Our eyes have been blacked out to protect our identities, and we would ask you not to look at our faces on the original photo over at Nealenews.

Oh Not-America

Johnny Pockets of Gods and Artists put this as a comment on our Paul Martin Mole post. We reproduce here the new Canadian Anthem!

Oh Not-America (calling it "Canada" could offend those who have arrived from other countries. It is important that they maintain their culture, language, and anything else that helps to identify them as a visible or otherwise excepted minority. Since, if we are anything, we are most definitely not American, I've gone with the country-neutral "Not-America.")

Our home and co-opted through devious and treacherous means land (previously addressed.)

True patriot LOVE (I think it should be capitalized, since Paul Martin has made it clear that love for one's country is the utmost value qualifying one as PM) in all of us command (I took this one from you. Now, it's not exactly grammatically correct...nor even all that sensical...but I don't want to take too much liberty with this new song that we are co-creating.)

With joyful hearts (I wanted to take out "glowing" because "glowing" implies light. Now, we all know that inner organs are not actually a light source. Therefore, this is probably some kind of religious reference, since god is often described as being "the light". Anyway, just to be accurate, I think we should refer to those hearts being happy, not incandescent.) we see nice thighs (here, the correct lyrics were "we see thee rise". But who is it we see rising? The flag? It talks in the line right after about "The True North" so that's not entirely specific. Figuring that it was very likely code of some kind, I ran "The True North" through an anagram server. Rearranged, the letters spell ENTER HOT HURT, a clear reference to Hell. As I suspected, this is a religious reference of some kind; thus, "thee rise" is likely a reference to the "rising" of J.C. and should go. I went with the "thighs" part cuz it rhymed so nice.)

Our country strong and beholden to special interest groups (Two things here...first, the Hell part had to go. Second, we're not actually "free", we're quite accustomed to focussing energy and solutions on the special interest groups...so let's call a spade a spade, eh?)

From far away (Really, we're all from far away, except the First Nations people, and they're also from far away, but won't admit it. And, uh, "far and wide"? What's that, some kind of fat joke? Gotta go.)

Oh Not-America, we linger about (Stand? No, no. That's a word those evil Conservatives use.) quite unprepared to kill but certainly willing to hand juice boxes to kids in third-world nations for thee (back to not wanting to suggest that our military is...uhh...militaristic.)

We presently occupy this land (not really fair to call it "our" land, since it really belongs to Aboriginals...and "keep" just implies forcing ourselves upon them) fairly nice and expensive (I'm loathe to use "glorious". We're just not gloaters. And "free"? Please. I've seen the taxes I pay. This land is not "free".)

Oh, Not-America, we linger about quite unprepared to kill but certainly willing to hand juice boxes to kids in third-world nations for you (I think I want to take out the "thee". I mean, it's so old-English. And they were a pretty religious bunch. I mean, remember learning about the crusades? Shit, those Christians unleashed some nasty stuff on those poor peace-loving Muslims.)

Oh, Not-America, we linger about quite unprepared to kill but certainly willing to hand juice boxes to kids in third-world nations for you

Immigration Minister Joe Volpe MIA

Outgoing Liberal MP Don Boudria is calling on the government to snap out of campaign mode and grant an extension to a Belgian family hiding from a deportation order.

"If we were not in an election campaign, on a normal sitting day in the House of Commons, any self-respecting MP would phone the minister and say, 'Look, fix this before Question Period or I'll ask you a question.'"

An aide to Immigration Minister Joe Volpe says the minister decided before the election that he would not intervene in any case during the campaign. The aide says the decision stems from what happened to Judy Sgro, who resigned as immigration minister after allegations she intervened on behalf of campaign supporters with immigration issues.

Come on Volpe - this guy is not even in your riding - and why are you putting out deportation orders during an election if you are not doing your job?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Paul Martin Confirms Existence of Mole?

As you can see by this screenshot, Paul Martin really believes there is a mole in the Liberal war room, and is searching high and low.

If it's a little hard to make out, the domain "Paulmartin.ca" is doing a search for "Liberal mole" on Google.

It appears Mr. Martin suspects a member of the bloggin tories is the mole. He may be correct, I have suspected this for some time now. I believe I know who you are mole, but I think it would be better if you came forward yourself...


In a last-ditch attempt to retain power, the Liberals will unveil a huge infrastructure spending program next week. The Conservatives have annnounced 2 billion in their platform with more as we move forward.

Liberal John Godfrey, the federal infrastructure minister, said the Liberal platform on infrastructure will contribute money to cities in a "totally different magnitude" over 20 years to fill the city's infrastructure gap.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association said a study of the country's transit infrastructure needs found that $21 billion is needed to renew and expand the system.

How big do you think the Liberals will go? I read somewhere the Liberal say that the have about 15 Billion available under their unreviewed bugeted platform.

How does 3 billion a year over 5 years (15 billion)? or will it be 3 billion over 20 years for 60 billion?

Will they try a cheap stunt and allocate 1% of the GST to the municipalities and say that the Conservative will cut taxes instead of fixing infrastructure "for a generation"?

Mr. Mole where are you with our leak!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just Finished Voting

Good thing I did not see the headline and picture on Globe and Mail ... I don't think the leader of the Conservative Party should associate with criminals - even if they are related - see the shocking pic for yourself!

I did not make this up!

Harpers Not Scary #32

Stephen Harper...

Isn't a soldier...in a Canadian city...with a gun...I'm not making this up...

Harper's not scary #1 Harper's not scary #2
Harper's not scary #3 Harper's not scary #4
Harper's not scary #5 Harper's not scary #6
Harper's not scary #7 Harper's not scary #8
Harper's not scary #9 Harper's not scary #10
Harper's not scary #11 Harper's not scary #12
Harper's not scary #13 Harper's not scary #14
Harper's not scary #15 Harper's not scary #16
Harper's not scary #17 Harper's not scary #18
Harper's not scary #19 Harper's not scary #20
Harper's not scary #21 Harpers Not Scary-Halloween Special
Harper's not scary #23 Harper's not scary #24
Harper's not scary #25 Harper's not scary #26
Harper's not scary #27 Harper's not scary #28
Harper's not scary #29 Harpers Not Scary - Christmas Special
Harpers Not Scary - New Years Special Harpers Not Scary #31

Alsocanadian Exclusive:

The source of the stupid Liberal attack ad drumming:


(For more Liberal attack ads, check out Paul Martin Lies)

Vote Today

Tired of the steady drip, drip, drip of Paul Martin? Has the Liberals got you down?

Get out today, Saturday, or Monday and vote in the Advance Polls - who knows what the weather will be like in 10 days!

Go here to find the location of your polling site by entering your postal code.

Advance voting days
Polls are open from noon to 8:00 p.m. (local time)
You may register at your advance poll. You will have to provide proof of identity and address.
Friday, January 13, 2006
Saturday, January 14, 2006
Monday, January 16, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quebec Liberals Writing off Public Service?

I was alerted that there was a debate hosted in the Hull-Aylmer riding in Quebec by CRAPO(and I’m not making that name up, check the link), a council within PSAC/AFPC, and was given a short debriefing. The only party not represented in the debate was the Liberal Party. This debate was supposed to address the concerns of Federal Government employees with a focus on issues related to those workers who are living in Quebec.

Does this mean that the Liberals have so mistreated Federal Government employees that they are no longer even trying to win their votes? Marcel Proulx is well know for not participating in any debates since he won in 1999, but the debate was open to any of the other Liberal candidates in the Outaouais, which would also include Liberals David Smith (Pontiac) and Françoise Boivin(Gatineau). These three ridings are in play in Quebec and the Liberals could use all the help they can get. The absence of a Liberal candidate was quite noticeable as the podium with the Liberal tag was left empty and there were many well receive jokes at their expense.

Two things noted during the debate:

1. Without a Liberal in attendance, all candidates were polite and even complementary. There was even a sense of cooperation between them at times, commenting positively or giving constructive criticisms on their positions. There were some differences of opinion but no one was demonized and everyone was treated with respect.

2. A Conservative candidate in Quebec, at a debate sponsored by a union, was not only given a fair chance to express his views, but he was fairly well receive and even garnered a few loud rounds of applause.

What can I conclude from this? The Liberals have given up winning or they are, after all that’s happened, still so arrogant that they feel they don’t have to campaign. Maybe a little of both?

Zeisman Dumped

CTV National TV is reporting that the Conservatives have dumped Derek Zeisman.

Much Ado about nothing!

Paul Martin - your turn with Godale!

Stuning News - Harper Atttacks

Harper attacked the media covering his campaign with a dangerous projectile that could have taken out an eye or something, a Liberal Anti-Mole Reverse Spinner revealed today.

As this picture clearly show, Harper is guilty. For Shame!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Attack Ad Haiku Contest:

The comments on the last post by Pale gave me an idea...a Liberal attack Haiku contest!

Haiku rules are as follows:
  • Use of three lines written in 5-7-5 syllables;
  • Use of three (or fewer) lines of no more than 17 syllables in total;
  • Use of metrical feet rather than syllables. A haiku then becomes three lines of 2, 3, and 2 metrical feet, with a pause after the second or fifth;
  • Use of the "one deep breath" rule: the reader should be able to read the haiku aloud without taking a second breath.

An example is as follows:

Bad Stephen Harper

will he declare martial law

he has not told us


very scary man

we are not making this up

Canada. Destroyed.

Winners will have their "attack Haiku" featured in a future post, and have their Haiku forwarded to the Liberal party (an envelope stuffed with cash would help with those after Christmas bills...)

Other Pulled Liberal Attack Ads

H/T Andrew Coyne commenters.

Have fun, though. At least until the guys with the guns. In our cities. Canadian cities. come and get you. I'm not making this stuff up.

Duffy makes me laugh .... in my city .. in Canada ... i didn't make that up.

I'm hiding anyway - I think I saw somebody. with a gun. in my city. and I'm very afraid of a military junta)

Conservative campaigning door to door. Conservatives. With leaflets. In our cities. In Canada. I'm not making this up.

Tomorrow's Liberal attack ads will have the military hunting fish. Vote grit or we kill the fish.

Vote Liberal or you'll be sleeping with the fishes. You can marry the fish under the charter. Ever been to sea, Billy?


How much is Harper going to give Quebec? If you're going to get them off Federal Crack you need to supply an intermediate drug like methadone. How much Mr. Harper?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Mole Helping Tory Campaign

We have been hearing about a mole within the Liberal war room for some time now. It has been rumored that the mole is a Chretien loyalist. I have just received word from a very (un)reliable source that not only has this Liberal been leaking strategy but has actually consulted with and planned a new print ad campaign againt the Liberals for the Conservatives.

In an I AM (also) CANADIAN exclusive we have a prototype of the leaked advertisement. This type of attack ad could only come from a Liberal and thus we offer it as proof that this Liberal insider is helping the Tories.

Update: Still No Traction...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Chretien Backstabbing? Bad Luck? Incompetence?

The real reason Paul Martin can't get any "traction":

Liberal Mole Reveals Martin Doppleganger

I recently received information from unreliable sources that the reason Paul Martin has a bounce in his step recently is the Liberal Party has created a genetically rearranged clone! This clone has been engineered all fast twitch fibers so that it can have super fast body movements. The reason for this is that since Captain Canada song and dance went over so well last debate, they want to do it twice the speed this time. Also, he will seem to be twice the debater he was last time as well, able to engage 2 or 3 opponents at a time!

Of course, I did not post about this as it seemed outrageous - even for the Liberals! However, recent photographic evidence has surfaced which shows this "super speeded" clone in action. Apparently, the Liberal braintrust wanted to see if people could detect the clone in a live event so they rolled it out a recent campaign stop.

Luckily, the Mole captured the clone making unnatural movements - here it is! No word on whether "evil reptilian kitten eater" DNA was used.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

This Has Gone Too Far

More Liberal theft!
They Stole Me!

If they want to commute, then they should pay for it!

Canadian taxpayers shelled out $53,000 over two years to ferry a hand-picked government appointee between his job in Ottawa and his home in Montreal.

Edward Keyserlingk, the public service integrity officer, is paid between $675-$800 a day for the position that keeps him occupied an average of three days a week. That means he likely earns more than $100,000 for the part-time post when summer and Christmas holidays are worked in. Keyserlingk files weekly expenses for travel, hotel and meals for travelling to work in Ottawa, totalling more than $23,000 last year and nearly $30,000 the year before.

This is exactly what the problem with the Liberal culture of entitlement - this practice that individuals take on employment with the government and don't want to live where they work. They expect taxpayers to pay the bill for their transportation and accomodations and the Liberals let them get away with it.

If they want to commute, then they should pay for it. Afterall, he is making $100,000 a year!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Pierre Pettigrew, the Foreign Affairs Minister and Montreal-area MP, is under fire today in a published report saying he received thousands of dollars from the shadowy federalist agency Council for Canadian Unity, better known for its tenuous links to Option Canada, now the subject of an embarrassing election-time RCMP probe. Pettigrew, who confirms he worked as a "consultant", claims he had no idea how the agency was financed. "Let's be clear. I had a client. What it did with my reports, I have no idea. How it was financed, I have no idea."

Developing on Bourque.

CBC - Much Ado About Nothing

Let me get this staight. The Conservatives announce on December 1st that they will:

"A Conservative government would enact the retroactive measures applying to the 2005 tax year. We would suspend their future measures in order to deliver broad-based and responsible tax relief, which will ultimately save Canadians more in their taxes and will be affordable in terms of the delivery of federal services."

Now a month later, the CBC is reporting this shocking develoment ... as something new?

As Monte says "Sure the Conservatives "claim" that their combination of GST tax cuts and personal income tax cuts will be much larger and more fair than those proposed by the Liberals, but then the Conservatives aren't actually Canadian and the Conservatives all have shifty eyes too. Well, not eyes really, more like optical sensors because the Conservatives are actually evil robots, but that's a Reality Check for another day."

Friday, January 06, 2006

Harpers Not Scary #31

Malodorous Liberal NCC Appointment

Richard Mahoney is a good friend of Paul Martin. He was executive assistant for Mr. Martin when the PM was a MP, he worked on both the 1990 and 2003 leadership campaigns and he was part of a close circle of informal advisers to Mr. Martin as finance minister. Richard Mahoney and Paul Martin are tight.

Alex Munter is the former anonymous Leaker of the 1997 Harper speech, caught by the Canadian Press when they learned that Munter was in Vancouver with the Liberal team, working with Martin on debate preparations. He received the speech from a top Liberal, speculated to be Brian Guest, another one of Prime Minister Paul Martin's closest advisers!

Richard Mahoney recently said that the current mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli, and former city councillor Alex Munter would be good candidates for the top National Capital Commission job, though Mr. Mahoney noted that Mr. Chiarelli isn't currently available because he's running for mayor again. The commission chairman's job is a prestige federal appointment, paying between $167,700 and $197,300 a year.

So is it incestuous Liberal you scratch my back I'll scratch yours or payola?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Evidence of Liberal Theft?

I don't know, is stealing from an election platform really stealing?

"Recruitment for the new unit comes on the heels of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's election promise that his government will create a 650-strong airborne battalion"

Oh, wait a sec. It also says:

"Military officials said the creation of the special operations regiment is based on the Liberal government's defence policy statement from last year. That called for an expansion of the country's special forces and is separate from any Conservative proposals, they said."

Yeah, right, my mistake. The Liberals were planning this new airborne for a year now. After all, they would never lie. I guess the timing of this announcement is just coincidental...

Or maybe he was just obeying his twin:

"the Bush administration, which has been advocating such an expansion...U.S.
ambassador Paul Cellucci recommended the Canadian Forces develop what is known as a Tier 2 special forces"

Another Liberal Violates Ethics Rules

Integrity Commissioner Coulter Osborne reprimanded Harinder Takhar for allowing the chief financial officer of his political riding association to be the arm's length trustee of his business affairs. That cozy relationship violates section 11 of the act, which sets out rules to prevent conflicts of interests by MPPs. Takhar also offered evidence to the ethics commissioner, mysterious marital minutes, of which the commissioner was "skeptical to the legitimacy."

Dalton McGuinty called it "a lapse in judgment," saying Takhar doesn't deserve to be punished beyond the reprimand issued by the commissioner.

Compare that to what Dalton said in June: McGuinty cited the examples of former Conservative cabinet ministers Bob Runciman, Jim Wilson and Chris Stockwell as instances where it was appropriate for each of them to leave cabinet. " In each of those cases, it was very clear that a rule had been broken," he said.

Liberals just don't get it. This culture of entitlement goes all the way to the bone!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Leaked Liberal Campaign Promise

With the tide starting to turn against the liberals, they have been more and more desperate to try and turn the campaign around. With this new desperation sinking in, the liberals are coming up with more eye catching and outlandish ideas. Also, because of this desperation, they are becoming more and more careless and I have been given some top secret documents that outline one of these new promises.

We all know that the liberals support in the stronghold of southern Ontario and the GTA is slipping. The CPC and the Liberals are tied in Ontario according to recent Ipsos-Ried and SES polls, and Ontario is traditionaly the 'King Maker' in Canada. In order to combat this, the liberals are about to make a surprise announcement. If they are elected, the Liberals will promise a Stanley Cup for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In order to fulfill this promise, the Liberals have enlisted some of their friends who have helped them with this sort of thing before. When Frankie the Bull was contacted and questioned about this, he commented that "We've fixed dis type a' thing before, from sports ta referendums ta elections. It shouldn't be a problem." When he was reminded that it was the Toronto Maple Leafs that had to win the Stanely Cup, he muttered, "Ok, dat might be a problem. I'll have to get back ta yous on dat."

Latest rumor has the Liberals now dropping this promise.

NDP to Attack!

Jack Roles Up His Sleeves and prepare's to Go Neg! Beware Liberals the NDP have released the Nazgul on you! Doom on You!

Disclaimer: No Same Sex Supporters were injured while viewing Jack's manly body!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Ditty...

Paul Martin Could Not Get it UP Last Night

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hands in My Pocket

The Liberals got their Hands in my pocket...hands in my pocket...hands in my pocket...

Check out the Shotgun for the revised version!

Trust Paul Martin With Your Pension?

Let's go back a couple of years to see how Paul Martin treats his employees in regards to their pension plans.

When Paul Martin's CSL Equity Investments Inc. sold (scroll down a bit) Voyageur's bus routes to Greyhound in 1996, the bus driver's pension fund was short by $2.4 million, and up to 146 long-term employees lost 30 percent of their pensions. The trustees who ran the company pension plan for Paul Martin's bus line then pressured a federal pension regulator to amend a report on the funds 1997 collapse, and even suggested shredding part of the document to hide it from public view. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) (which is under the Finance Departement) reported that it was "the first failure of a federally supervised pension plan involving significant losses to individuals." The documents released by OSFI under the Access to Information Act show that Mr. Martin's aides, Karl Littler and Terrie O'Leary, were kept in the loop about the Voyageur pension plan file by OSFI's deputy superintendent, Nick LePan, who later took over the top job at the agency. The trustees' lawyer, Daniele Mayrand, wanted the summary "completely destroyed or shredded so it would never be disclosed." OSFI's legal counsel said it wasn't possible to shred the report, and instead recommended it be discussed with Price Waterhouse. Later, Price Waterhouse produced an amended report. It is not clear from documents released what was removed from the final version.

OSFI later approved a request from Canada Steamship Lines, Paul Martin's family shipping company, to liquidate a $163-million surplus in its pension plan. The surplus was split equally between the company and the pension plan members.

So when it concerns Paul Martins very own employees , he is "entitled" to his fair share of their pension surplus and he will pull out all the stops so he doesn't have to cover a deficit -not too impressive for a billionare Finance Minister with Prime Ministerial sugar plums dancing in this head!

So how does this compare to his treatment of federal employees pensions? Another surplus - $30 billion - and the full amount taken by Paul Martin (to bolster his bid for Leader of the Liberal Party by positioning himself as the "slayer" of the deficit! Too bad it was done on the backs of health care and government employees.) The government recently lost a ruling where they were against admitting into evidence documents which at the time show Treasury Board and Paul Martin's Finance Department had significant disagreements over the ownership and handling of the surplus. The Finance Department claimed the government was entitled to the surplus because it was on the hook to make up any deficit in the plan. Treasury Board, however, said the ownership wasn't clear and a portion belonged to employees. One secret memo said then-Treasury Board president Marcel Masse -- who publicly said public servants weren't entitled to the surplus -- privately felt employees had a "claim" to the surplus and Finance's decision to use it to offset the deficit "was not right." If federal lawyers had successfully barred the documents, the unions would be forced to call the bureaucrats who wrote the documents as witnesses - most of whom would be reluctant to testify against their employer - to explain the contents of the documents.

To summarize if there is a pension plan deficit - Paul Martin washes his hands of it and employees are on their own. But if there is a surplus - Paul Martin is entitled to at least half and and will go for all of it if he thinks he can get away with it!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Where is the Tsunami money?

According to the Canada Free Press the promised money from Canada for victims of the December 26,2005 tsunami apparently never came?

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, who made a January 3, 2005 photo-op of tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka, guaranteed $425-million for tsunami relief that has yet to arrive. Forty million dollars of the $425-million pledged by Martin was donated by average Canadians.

And now we know, courtesy of the Financial Times, "a year after the Indian Ocean tsunami, up to a third of the $590-million so far spent under the United Nations’ $1.1-billion disaster flash appeal appears to have gone on administration, staff and related costs."

The Canadian $425-million was to have been administered by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency). Canadian Maurice Strong, an advisor to both UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Prime Minister Paul Martin is the founder of CIDA.